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Exit program: Alt + F4
Screen re-painting: CTRL + ALT + Space
Complete Syntax: Ctrl + E
Copy a row: Ctrl + k
Just copy the character of the row on the right of the Location: Ctrl + Shift + k
Copy to clipboard: Ctrl + DEL
Cut a row: Ctrl + u
Cut the character of the row on the right of the position: Ctrl +;
Cut to clipboard: Ctrl + Shift + x
Cut a word: Ctrl +,
Left indent: F9
Right indent: F10
Insert a row: Ctrl + I
Insert a new row: Ctrl + enter
Add a row: Ctrl + J
Paste from clipboard: Ctrl + INS
Paste a row: Ctrl + P
Repeat the previous action: Ctrl + Y
Re-number: Ctrl + R
Repeated input: Ctrl +/
Replace: Ctrl + H
Intelligent rename: Ctrl +'
Close file: Ctrl + W
Close all files: Ctrl + Shift + W
New: Ctrl + n
Go to the next file: Ctrl + Shift + n
Open: Ctrl + O
Reload the file: Ctrl + Shift + O
Save as: Ctrl + Shift + S
Show File status: Shift + F10
Activation syntax window: Alt + L
Return to the beginning of the row: Home
Return to the start of the Selection: CTRL + ALT + [
To the block: Ctrl + Shift +]
To the block above: Ctrl + Shift + [
Bookmarks: Ctrl + m
To the bottom of the file: Ctrl + end, CTRL + (keypad) End
To the bottom of the window: (keypad) end (end of the keypad)
To the end of a row: End
To the end of the selected part: CTRL + ALT +]
To the next function: keypad +
Previous function: keypad-
Back: Alt +, thumb 1 click
Back to index: Alt + m
Forward: Alt +., thumb 2 click
To the row: F5, CTRL + G
Go to the next modification: Alt + (keypad) +
Go to the next link: Shift + F9, CTRL + Shift + L
Return to the previous modification: Alt + (keypad )-

Jump to the connection (where the syntax serial port list is located): Ctrl + L
Skip match: Alt +]
Next page: pgdn, (keypad) pgdn
Previous Page: pgup, (keypad) pgup
Scroll up half screen: Ctrl + pgdn, CTRL + (keypad) pgdn, (keypad )*
Scroll down the half screen: Ctrl + pgup, CTRL + (keypad) pgup, (keypad )/
Left roll: Alt + left
Scroll up a row: Alt + down
Scroll down a row: Alt + up
Right roll: Alt + Right
Select one piece: Ctrl +-
Select a character on the left of the current position: Shift + left
Select a character on the right of the current position: Shift + Right
Select a row: Shift + F6
Select SHIFT + down from the start of the current row
Select SHIFT + up from the beginning of the current row
Select the previous page: Shift + pgdn, Shift + (keypad) pgdn
Select the next page: Shift + pgup, Shift + (keypad) pgup
Select a sentence (until a. Is encountered): Shift + F7, CTRL +.
From the current location to the end of the file: Ctrl + Shift + end
From the current position to the end of the row: Shift + end
From the current position to the beginning of the row: Shift + home
From the current position to the top of the file: Ctrl + Shift + home
Select a word: Shift + F5
Select the word on the left: Ctrl + Shift + left
Select the right word: Ctrl + Shift + Right
To the top of the file: Ctrl + home, CTRL + (keypad) Home
To the top of the window: (keypad) Home
To the left of a word (that is, to the beginning of a word): Ctrl + left
To the right of a word (to the end of the word): Ctrl + Right
Sort syntax window (there are three sort modes: 1, 2, 3): Alt + F7
Remove files: Alt + Shift + R
Synchronization file: Alt + Shift + S
Incremental search (when you use Ctrl + F to search, and then press F12, it will go to the next match): F12
Replace file: Ctrl + Shift + H
Search backward: F3
Search for multiple files: Ctrl + Shift + F
Search forward: F4
Search selected (for example, if you select a word, Shift + F4 will search for the next one): Shift + F4
Search: Ctrl + F
Browse local syntax (the File Syntax List window pops up. If you place the cursor in a variable/function, you can list the variable/function information in this file): F8
Browsing project Syntax: F7, ALT + G
Skip to basic type (that is, skip to prototype): Alt + 0
Jump to definition (that is, declaration): Ctrl + =, CTRL + l click (select), CTRL + double l click
Check reference: Ctrl +/
Syntax information (the information of this syntax is displayed): Alt +/, CTRL + R click (select)
Highlight the current word: Shift + F8
Syntax window (hide/show syntax window): Alt + F8
Close Window: Alt + F6, CTRL + F4
Last window: Ctrl + TAB, CTRL + Shift + Tab


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