Spark machine Learning Combat video

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In-depth spark machine learning combat (user behavior analysis)
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The course out of self-study, worry-free network:

I. Objectives of the course
Master the various operations of sparksql in-depth understanding of spark's internal implementation principles
Learn more about the construction and operation of various algorithmic models for SPARKML machine learning
Skilled Spark API and can be used flexibly
Can master the use of Spark in work

Second, suitable for the crowd
Suitable for, have Java,scala Foundation, want to go to Big Data spark machine Learn this piece of development
Suitable for students who want to learn spark, go to Data Warehouse, Big Data Mining machine learning, direction development

Third, the software and version of the course:
Spark2.0,spark1.6.2,sts,maven,linux centos6.5,mysql,mongodb3.2

Iv. Catalogue of courses:

Lesson 1:spark Introduction
Lesson 2:SPARK2 cluster Installation
Lesson 3:spark Rdd Operation
Analysis of 4:sparkrdd principle in class
Lesson 5:spark2sql importing from MySQL
Lesson 6:spark1.6.2sql interacting with MySQL data
Lesson 7:sparksql java Operation MySQL Data
Lesson 8:spark Statistics User's collection conversion rate
Class 9:spark comb user's collection and order conversion rate
Lesson 10: End-User collection and order conversion rates
Class 11:spark pipeline construction of stochastic forest regression prediction model
Lesson 12:spark Random Forest regression forecast results and stored in MySQL
The comparison between the conversion rate of the 13:spark and the real transformation rate, and the construction of the decision tree model
Lesson 14:spark Machine Learning Detailed introduction to various supervised and unsupervised classification studies
Class 15:spark Collaborative filtering algorithm to build user and product model
Lesson 16:spark Collaborative algorithm completed to recommend products to users
The installation of Class 17:mongodb and its basic operation
Lesson 18:spark and MongoDB integration
Lesson 19:spark Forecast Collection and user-recommended products stored in MongoDB
Lesson 20: Manipulating the RDD requires a bit of attention and spark memory allocation resource tuning
Lessons 21:spark the whole learning process and its summary

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Spark+kafka real-time streaming machine learning combat
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Spark machine Learning Combat video

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