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After understanding the concept of mining, we can not help but ask: how to dig mine.

Simply put, any computer can download professional mining software for mining, but the efficiency of different machines depending on the configuration of the hardware differences. Earlier, the miners used the CPU (central processing unit) to dig the mine, and then the GPU (graphics card

Gradually replaced the use of the CPU mining method. Now, in order to dig more effectively, some people even use ASICS (ASIC) Special equipment to dig mine.

Now, there are two main ways to dig a mine:

1, digital money mining software
The current popular digital money mining software mainly has two, respectively is "Guiminer" and "Cgminer".
Guiminer has a good graphical interface, which can be mastered by simple operation. It supports both ATI and Nvidia GPUs, as well as CPU mining. It supports both individual mining patterns and collective mining patterns, as well as a list of mine pools.

Cgminer supports multi-threaded, multi-ore pool, ASIC, ATI mining. However, it is necessary to operate at the command-line terminal, which is more complicated. The advantage is that it supports Windows, Linux, Mac and many other platforms.

2. Mining with digital currency ore pool

There are currently three major mining pools in the world, namely Deepbit, Bitcoincz and BTC Guild.
Deepbit is the world's largest pool of digital currency deposits. After registration, the mining client can be mined. The other two pools are the same, the only difference is the algorithm for collecting miners ' fees is different, so the miners ' earnings will vary.

It is important to note that the Deepbit is available in both per-share and prorated ways. Charge per share is higher but stable, the proportional charging mode is sometimes low but unstable. You can choose the right type.

The miners ' gains are distributed in 25 digital currencies per mining. The formula is:
(BTC + block fee –2% handling fee) * (miners ' shares)/(total shares)

Two methods are available for the miners who collect the money. The fee per share charge (PPS) is stable at 7.5% and the nearest share (PPLNS) charge is 3% handling fee + block transaction fee.

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