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Thunderbolt as a very popular download tool, has won the favor of many users. Many people usually use it simply to download when they are used. In fact, a lot of things are developing. As long as we usually in the download more attention to some things, often can let us in the high-speed download on the road, "further"!

First, purchase new hardware installation

Windows Vista is now the most secure and stable operating system, and it has greatly enhanced the network. This year should be a popular year for Windows Vista, and the main reason is that 1500-2000 dollars is now a good way to upgrade the current computer. and Windows Vista SP1 will be released at once, preferably together. Windows Vista is more capable of managing your network. According to the cask principle, we cannot delay the network performance because of the system performance problem.

In addition, the memory is now best to buy more than 2GB, the price is very cheap, for running Vista is quite useful.

Second, the Times to install dual-core patches

Dual-core is now popular, but for Windows XP users, it's best to have a dual-core patch. To see your CPU type when patching, there are now mainly two types of Intel and AMD. There are also fool-type patches available for download, and then select the appropriate CPU type. Restart the computer when you are finished.

Three, at the same time burst number of crack limit

This problem exists in both XP and Vista and must be cracked.

In the Thunderbolt 5 select "Tools" → "XP system Optimization Tool", and set the appropriate number of connections in the open window, and then click the "Modify the number of connections" button to set a larger value, and then restart the computer to let the Thunderbolt download BT when the multi-pronged, all the way to the hurricane!

Download and extract evid4226patch223d-en.zip, double-click the WinRAR open, and then double-click the EvID4226Patch.exe file, there will be a window, in which will show the current system of Half-open connection number, we want to press the C key to indicate change (change), and then enter a numeric value, such as 1024. Press the Y key again to confirm.

Iv. Peer-to-peer Sharing Open collaboration

For our network resources, do not "overqualified", let alone "left or right." If your site is faster, do not set the top and bottom rows too small. At the same time not to do "vampire", will upload very low settings. Because in order to promote fairness, encourage everyone to share, in the Thunder if upload speed is too slow, your download speed will also have influence. In an open, Peer-to-peer, shared, collaborative and global operation today, no one can be "extremely selfish, extreme self-interest"!

V. More connection support

In Peer-to-peer networks, to improve download speed, the key is that we are connected to the peers of the data component can constitute a complete resource, which requires us to be able to connect more peers! new Thunder support UPnP port Automatic mapping technology, which means that We can accept the active connection of the extranet peers so that we can connect more peers. With more peers, the probability of forming a complete resource will be greatly enhanced, thus ensuring that "files can be full". To enable the Thunderbolt to support UPnP, you need to open the appropriate system services.

1. Open System Support

Enabling the SSDP Discovery service in Windows XP enables the SSDP Discovery service in Windows Vista.

2. Turn on UPnP support

Select tools → configuration, then click the bt/port Settings item on the left, and then on the right, select the Allow UPnP Automatic Port mapping feature check box. After that, we can see the Thunder 5 in the lower left-hand corner of the "network" item icon is already green, click to see that UPnP is normal.

VI. support for DHT networks for more

New Thunderbolt full support DHT network (that is, no tracker server network), which means that the thunderbolt in the download of BT resources can go "a wider" DHT network, but also in the DHT network to find more peers. In the traditional BT principle, the tracker server is its center. If the tracker server shuts down, BT will not be able to proceed. But DHT is a server-less network, and even if the tracker server goes down, it guarantees that we can still connect to more peers without affecting downloads.

Select tools → configuration, then click the bt/port Settings item on the left, and then on the right, select the Allow connections to DHT network check box.

Small tip:

★DHT network without tracker server to coordinate BT download principle is that DHT is a distributed storage method, each client in addition to responsible for storing data, but also responsible for a small range of routes, so you can achieve the entire network addressing. Therefore, the tracker server is no longer needed.

★ Enter the DHT network, our client will have an ID, but this ID is the program generated, virtual, completely random ID, and your actual personal information has no connection. Therefore, it is extremely safe.

Seven, buy large cache hard disk and set large cache

The larger the hard cache (the cache), the faster the data is transferred. And now the hard disk of the larger cache, the mainstream is already 16MB, in the purchase should be paid attention to. Also, it is a good idea to install a SATA hard drive and install Windows Vista to provide full support for it. SATA 2.x now has a speed of up to 3.0Gbps.

In addition, because the download to the hard disk read and write operations more frequently, it must be properly set up the disk buffer, so as to do their best to protect the hard disk. Fortunately, the Thunderbolt 5 provides a disk caching function, can effectively protect the hard disk, improve reading and writing efficiency. Select the tools → configuration command, select General, and then set the minimum cache and maximum cache settings in disk buffer settings. It is recommended that the minimum disk cache is set above 10M, and if the download speed above 300kb/s is reached, at least the maximum cache size is set to above 50MB.

Eight, do not use the proxy Internet

Now the Internet connection is very cheap, as far as possible without proxy. If you use a proxy, please use direct access to the Internet because the agent is often unstable.

Ix. use of the official safe version only

Use the official version of the Thunderbolt software, do not choose unknown, after the adaptation of the "to the advertising version" such as Thunder. In fact, most of the unofficial versions of the authors, for some unknown purpose, the software decompile (decompile), and then the Encapsulation (Pack), will inevitably not be tied to the forced installation of controls/Plug-ins, do not provide uninstall function of the program, Steal network silver, online games account Trojan horse program. Bad, you not only have no privacy, even QQ, MSN, credit card and other passwords will be stolen.

More importantly, cracked version of the Thunderbolt for some download restrictions to do a crack, this is very likely to make the system of network files are cracked or the Thunderbolt itself files are cracked, light will cause the Thunder itself often error, causing some resources can not download, or some resources under the half caused by the Thunder midway exit, after reboot, The previously downloaded resource could no longer be found. Heavy will change your operating system files, cause system vulnerabilities, open more ports, or consume a lot of network and system resources, serious will cause the system is black, data stolen, or system crashes.

Therefore, users for security, please do not download and use cracked version. and generally from the Thunder official site or its official recommendation designated site download.

Ten, the co-ordination of resources to eliminate waste for not using the network program is closed, no longer browsing the page also closed. Returns the resource to the Windows uniform allocation.

Try to use wired to surf the internet

Try to use wired to surf the internet, especially when decorating your house. Because the stability of the cable is much higher than the wireless, especially when many people are still downloading the files while copying them, the advantage of wired connection is very obvious.

12, upgrade the router and network card hardware

Upgrade the firmware of routers and even network adapters to maximize performance.

13, Login Reyou

Some friends with thunder to download carefully will know, in the software main interface of the lower left is a prompt login area. Click on the left-hand side of the "Reyou information" in the input box, enter Reyou account number and password, in the open window to enter our Reyou username and password, you can enjoy faster download speed, download virus warning, resource collection, friend file sharing, integration upgrades and lighting icons and other services. If you do not have Reyou, you should seize the time to http://i.xunlei.com/register/register.htm registration, registration can be logged in.

Moreover, Reyou is a level, in theory, level with the quality of service is related to the VIP is to enjoy the VIP download source, there are some other preferential treatment. Overall, a high level of users, enjoy the quality of service will be better. In general, the download speed is naturally faster, but not quite so. At least the stability is guaranteed. This is very useful for downloading large files!

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