Spend 10 days with your wife (1)

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My wife came from Dalian one day before the National Day. I took the fourth line to Pudong Airport early. While thinking, should I smile or hug my wife back? The road was smooth and there was almost no traffic jam. The airport is very familiar to me, so I almost arrived at the destination in a straight line. After waiting for 20 minutes, a voice dropped from the sky: "Dear passengers, the XXXX flight from Dalian to Shanghai has arrived-it has arrived..." a thousand miles of voice! The region is ambitious and its position is erratic. I can't help but feel happy. It's really a place to lie in the tiger, hide the dragon, and have this experts escort my wife. You can rest assured! This is a waste of ten minutes. It's a strange thing. Why don't we see the beautiful and fascinating figure? Although I am very sure, the exit must be correct. If it is wrong, it means that I have caught the wrong person last time! But I was worried that I was too confident. I inspected all the exits with lightning and further confirmed my unshakable self-confidence. "Handsome guy, hey, that's good !". I went back to the exit that made me confident and started to wait. I stretched my neck and squashed my eyes. The eyes of everyone swept the faces of everyone. Because I learned too much, my eyes were a little powerless and I regret it. Suddenly, a red flash, a red dress jumped out! Oh! It's better not to look at it, but to hurt your eyes. Why can't my wife come out? If I had to enter the ticket, she had to handle it and pay it back? My wife will not make a wrong plane. I went to the United States? Or have you ever gone to the United States? But I thought about it. Isn't she the most annoying? The same is true for today's little cloth. Is it difficult for her to go to benla to settle accounts? Although she is a tough guy, she will not forget that she was the youngest to look at the United States! Oh, how come an athlete? Wow, it's quite energetic! Ah! She smiled at me! What should I do? I want to hide, but what should I do with my wife? Forget it. For the sake of the wife, let her smile! She is getting closer and closer. She is my wife, step 2, step 3. Haha! (I'm off duty, no more)

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