"Spiritual Awakening" melancholy grocery store sentiment

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If the person who consults me is likened to a stray lamb, they usually hold a map in their hands, but they do not see it. -Donggui "Melancholy grocery store"

There is a happy babyfaced not old friends recommended to see "melancholy grocery store", a breath after reading fantasy There is such a place, can melancholy, can be in a daze, you can talk with yourself. One end throws the troubled letters in, and the other ends up in the milk box and gets a mysterious reply.

Perhaps in real life is unlikely to have many opportunities to reach the heart of the topic. You may say, the time is wrong, the place is wrong, the object of the conversation is wrong, and so on. So many so-called acquaintances who have known each other for many years may know each other only on a very superficial level.

The melancholy grocery store in the book is a safe place, and it is because the consultants do not have to expose their identities that it is possible to open up and speak out, rather than seek advice, to a large extent the process of self-discovery by consultants. The counselor helped the caller to see that because of the limitations of their thinking, the help-seekers also received self-conscious verification from the counselor.

Recently I have had some experience of consulting others and giving advice to others, and have learned some relevant knowledge. This is a wonderful experience, especially when people are removing masks and exposing their weaknesses to the beginning of real communication.


self-awareness ( self awareness Many Western spiritual mentors such as Eckharttolle and Leonardjacobson 

I'm trying to get out of my mind, it's an interesting process. Like there are many little people in the inner heart, each temperament reaction is different, the same event and people have their own different interpretations. the so-called "to do their own", which little is the real self? Maybe they are not. the real self, in the far place to see these little people, you sing me debut. But the final decision rests with the real observer. for the final interpretation of events and characters, the Observer has the absolute ability to adjudicate.

Find a Map

The author says in the book, if the person who consults me is likened to a stray lamb, they usually hold a map in their hands, but they do not see it.

It seems to be a very reasonable sentence. But I can't agree with that entirely. Do we have a map in our hands? Maybe, maybe it's not.

Yes, the idea is that the caller has a solution in the subconscious, but refuses to accept the plan because of the limitations or fears of the mind. The process of consultation is to help the caller to dig out the map hidden beneath the iceberg.

Not a layer of meaning, perhaps the help of the map is a false impression, but the individual past experience and the thinking of the limitations of the concept of things, and the true nature of things are very different. For example, a person always makes a lot of decisions according to the habit of thinking, and is accustomed to this. If you still follow this map, you want to have different results. is undoubtedly a dream. Then the counselor will help the caller build a new map.

Sometimes at the end of the consultation, I found out what the counselor said I knew, nothing new. Even I have read more things, I can articulate people dizzy. But what can really change is not the knowledge itself, but the wisdom acquired after the knowledge has been precipitated.

Being loving

The era of massive fragmentation information, we seek to maximize the benefits and efficiency. I wish someone to extract the essence of reading, to see other people's comments to get a shortcut, to seek the so-called "dry". The brain also became a racetrack for all sorts of ideas. Efficiency in the search for knowledge is certainly true, but there is no shortcut to spiritual growth.

recently urged children to recite the Analects of Confucius, a certain paragraph of the week , no need to explain, its righteousness from the present. The discovery of surprise, oneself in the time of reading the heart also can set some. Silly kung Fu, stupid Kung Fu, perhaps the most rare good kung fu.

Melancholy Coffee

How I wish I had a place to melancholy grocery store. Why melancholy, only the bookstore. It was a great pleasure for me to go to the bookstore. Liulichang Chinese Bookstore, the wind, such as pine, joint publishing are very fond of. I heard that there is a bookstore in the south of Beijing Town called the cottage, yearn.

669 Bourke st, ,

This is a bookstore and café with the theme of spiritual accomplishment. The agency www.theschooloflifecom has physical cafes in many cities around the world, with physical stores in Melbourne and Sydney. Even more rare is that there are many very valuable articles on the site. Many topic sharing topics are also very interesting.

Not many books, but obviously after careful selection, classification is also very thoughtful. In the era of efficiency, it is difficult to area the product of a cup of black tea, turn a few deliberate come.

650) this.width=650; "Src=" https://mmbiz.qlogo.cn/mmbiz/ Eyadobh6vmfrzy0t07ia4zcrnupzlynu4ao2eicwhlqyxmgccgtu3iao1lrmntlwcxbqdde5lfrujuteq7xmhh4ow/0?wx_fmt=jpeg "style= "Margin:0px;padding:0px;height:auto;" alt= "0?wx_fmt=jpeg"/>

Slow, is a special topic mentioned in several books. A book about coffee meditation and tea ceremony, the idea is very familiar, I myself try to book the way to taste the various flavors of black tea. Slow down, it's not easy. Even in this no fireworks gas, I still can't wait to turn over several, efficient mind try to remember the essence of the book. Hurried, and hurried away.


I am accustomed to the efficient arrangement of things, I am anxious to make full use of their own time. Often the result is blind busy half a day, do not know why and busy. Know that you need to change, but always mind not quiet.

Saturday just know children to participate in children's birthday party, hurriedly pull William Door, anxious to buy a gift. Without going to the big shopping mall, I wanted to buy a gift at a nearby store, and the time was fast and efficient. But William is a overcautious of the Zhu Er, even stroll two shops still do not have favorite. The last store bought a gift that he thought the children would like. Handed the money hurried out, heard the sound of the violin, street corner an old man no one else in his own world. There are scattered coins in the opening of a piano box in front of it. There were not many pedestrians on the street in the afternoon of Saturday, and I was surprised that he would choose such a place. Maybe the old man with the white beard touched me, and I gave William a few coins. He rushed over and threw the coin into the box. The old man turned to express his thanks to us. To my surprise, he changed the track immediately thereafter. That is no longer familiar with the "Butterfly Lovers". The old man's eyes were full of pride and mischief. I instantly petrified.

This song is specially for our father and son to pull. Maybe, it's just for me.

When I was a child writing teacher said to the end of the echo, I can not mundane. "Melancholy" in the Late Night harmonica section, "Rebirth" changed how many people's fate.

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/82/0B/wKiom1dIXibi4sHGAACD3vvNVzw847.jpg "title=" violin ( Mobile) v2.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1dixibi4shgaacd3vvnvzw847.jpg "/>

Perhaps, I heard in the street quirks this song, there is a profound meaning.

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"Spiritual Awakening" melancholy grocery store sentiment

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