Split and variable, Symantec or will be selling Veritas, this is what hole dug?

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according to the original split plan, Symantec andVERITAStwo companies will beJanuary 2016formally completed the legal split, became two independently operated companies. As I did before, ten years later--Symantec,Veritas China's top leaders talk about post-split strategyarticle, currently in China,Symantec andVeritas is in the process of breaking it down into its final goals. It is reported that Veritas is applying for the company's Chinese registration name, and plans to be listed separately after the split.

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just inSymantec andVERITASwhen the split plan went smoothly, it snags. A news release today: foreign media quoted anonymous sources,Symantec CorporationisReady for SaleVERITASBusiness unit to replace the original spin-off plan. in 2005, Symantec acquired a full stock exchangeVERITASCompany, the price is about 13.5 billion US dollars. and this time,Symantecwith theprivate equity firms and industry buyersContact, plan tomore than $8 billionPrice for saleVERITAS. now the intention to buyVeritas is the Carlyle Group.

at present, Symantec does not give a positive statement, Carlyle Group also declined to comment on the news. It has been reported that Symantec may formally announce the sale in a recent financial announcement.

After seeing this message, the reporter immediately contacted Symantec China PR company, but has not received a formal reply. When reporters asked a Symantec Chinese employee about the incident, he said he saw the news, but they were waiting and watching because they didn't see the official news.

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Split and variable, Symantec or will be selling Veritas, this is what hole dug?

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