Spring Basic Series--several methods of obtaining spring MVC request parameters

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Several methods of obtaining Spring MVC request parameters reprint: Http://www.cnblogs.com/leiOOlei/p/3658147.html One, get the parameters in the path by @pathvariabl
    @RequestMapping (value= "User/{id}/{name}", method=requestmethod.get) public    String PrintMessage1 (@PathVariable String ID, @PathVariable string name, Modelmap model) {                System.out.println (ID);        SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN (name);        Model.addattribute ("message", "111111");        Return "users";    }

For example, when accessing the User/123/lei path, execute the above method, where the parameter Id=123,name=lei

Second, @ModelAttribute get the form form data of the POST request

The JSP form is as follows

<form method= "POST" action= "hao.do" >    A: <input id= "A" type= "text"   name= "a"/>    B: <input id= "B" type= "text"   name= "B"/>    <input type= "Submit" value= "Submit"/> </form>

Java Pojo is as follows

    public class pojo{        private String A;        private int b;    }

The Java controller is as follows

@RequestMapping (method = requestmethod.post) public String processsubmit (@ModelAttribute ("Pojo") Pojo Pojo) {         return "HelloWorld"; }
Third, direct use of httpservletrequest access
@RequestMapping (method = requestmethod.get) public String GET (httpservletrequest request, httpservletresponse response ) {    System.out.println (Request.getparameter ("a"));     return "HelloWorld"; }

Iv. binding request parameters with annotations @requestparam

Bind request parameter A to variable a with annotation @requestparam

An exception occurs when the request parameter A does not exist, which can be resolved by setting the property Required=false.

Example: @RequestParam (value= "a", Required=false)

Controller as follows

@RequestMapping (value = "/requestparam", method = requestmethod.get) public string Setupform (@RequestParam ("a") string a , Modelmap model) {    System.out.println (a); return "HelloWorld";}

Spring Basic Series--several methods of obtaining spring MVC request parameters

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