Spring Boot 1.5.4 Integrated Devtools (v)

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1.1    Spring BootIntegratedDevTools

Spring Boot Integrated devTools Source:https://git.oschina.net/wyait/springboot1.5.4.git

Implementation steps:

650) this.width=650; "src=" Https://s2.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/A6/08/wKioL1nIVAriubzoAAAeODFa8uo566.png "title=" 00.png "alt=" wkiol1nivariubzoaaaeodfa8uo566.png "/>eclipse Project must turn on Build automatically , if the auto-compile feature is turned off, the hot deployment is not valid.

1. Pom introduces DevTools dependency and plug-in configuration





& nbsp;       <optional>true</optional>

& nbsp;       <!--optional=true, Dependency is not passed, the project relies on devtools springboot1 Project project If you want to use devtools -->


2. Can be adjusted as needed application.properties file (Specific configuration content reference: Application.propertis )

    • in application.properties Configure spring.devtools.restart.enabled=false restart The class loader also initializes, but does not monitor file updates.

system.setproperty ( " spring.devtools.restart.enabled false can completely turn off restart support, configuration content:

  • /meta-inf/ Maven /meta-inf/ Resources / Resources /static /templates Span style= "font-size:16px;font-family: ' The song Body '; >, /public File modifications under these folders will not cause the app to restart, but will reload ( embedded a livereload server

  • If you want to change the default settings, you can set your own directory without restarting: spring.devtools.restart.exclude=static/**,public/** , so that only the file modifications under these two directories will not cause Restart the operation.

  • If you want to add additional exclude directories based on the remaining default settings: Spring.devtools.restart.additional-exclude

  • if you want to make proper non- Classpath the application restarts when the file is changed, using: spring.devtools.restart.additional-paths , so Devtools This directory will be included in the listening scope.

3. Start, Test

  • Modify Class – > Save: App will restart

  • Modify the configuration file – > Save: App will restart

  • Modify Page – > Save: The app will not reboot but will reload and the page will refresh (the principle is to Spring.thymeleaf.cache set to false , reference : Spring Boot Configure the template engine)

  • Integration Problem Description

If you use Dubeg as Start, the breakpoint is entered: silentexitexception . Normal startup does not have this problem.

( 1 ) Devtools you can implement a hot page deployment (that is, the page is modified to take effect immediately, which can be directly application.properties Configuration in Files Spring.thymeleaf.cache=false to implement a hot deployment of a property file by implementing a hot deployment of the class file, which does not take effect immediately after the class file is modified. that is , devtools will listen for file changes under Classpath, and will immediately restart the application (taking place at the time of saving), Note: This restart is very fast because of the virtual machine mechanism it uses

(2) After the configuration has been modifiedJavathe file also supports hot-start, but this is a project restart (faster project restart) that clearsSessionthe value in the, that is, if a user login, the project will need to re-login after restart. By default,/meta-inf/maven,/meta-inf/resources,/resources,/static,/templates,/publicfile modifications Under these folders will not cause the app to restart, but will reload (Devtoolsembedded in alivereload ServerWhen the resource changes, the browser refreshes).

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Spring Boot 1.5.4 Integrated Devtools (v)

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