Spring Boot 2.0.0 Reference Manual-Chinese version _part I

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Blog: noahsnail.com Part I: Spring boot document 1. About Documents

Sring reference documents can be obtained in the form of Html,pdf and epub three. The latest documentation can be obtained from the docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference.

This document, whether electronic or printed, is free to use a copy of the documentation or to distribute it to others, provided that you do not charge any fees and include a copyright notice in each copy. 2. Get help

We are happy to help if there is no use in spring boot.

Try How-to ' s (part nineth of the document) with solutions for the most common problems.

Learn Spring Basics--spring Boot builds on many other spring projects, looking at the Spring.io website with a large number of reference documents. If you're just beginning to use spring, try looking at one of these guides.

Ask a question-we monitor the issue of stackoverflow.com labeled Spring-boot.

Report the bugs in spring boot to github.com/spring-projects/spring-boot/issues.

Spring Boot is open source, including documentation. If you find problems in the documentation, or if you want to improve them, please get involved. 3. The first step

If you're ready to start learning Spring boot or the usual spring, start here.

Starting from scratch: Overview | Requirements | Installation

Study Guide: Part I | Part II

Running example: Part One | Part II 4. Using Spring Boot

Ready to start using spring boot. Do not worry.

Build Systems: Maven | Gradle | Ant | Starters

Best practice: Code Structure | @Configuration | @EnableAutoConfiguration | Beans and Dependency Injection

Run Code: IDE | Packaged | Maven | Gradle

Packaging applications: Production jars

Spring boot command line: Using the CLI 5. Understanding Spring Boot Features

Need more details about the spring boot core features. Look underneath.

Core Features: Springapplication | External Configuration | Profiles | Logging

Web Apps: MVC | Embedded Containers

Message: Overview | Jms

Test: Overview | Boot Applications | Utils

Extension: auto-configuration | @Conditions 6. Change to Product

When you're ready to turn your Spring boot app into a product, suggest some tips you might like.

Manage Endpoints: Overview | Customization

Link Selection: HTTP | JMX | Ssh

Monitoring: Metrics | Auditing | Tracing | Process 7. Advanced Topics

Finally, we have some issues for advanced users.

Deploy Spring Boot app: Cloud Deployment | OS Service

Build tool Plug-in: Maven | Gradle

Appendix: Application Properties | Auto-configuration Classes | Executable Jars

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