Spring-boot-based Rest microservices framework

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At the weekend at home research Spring-boot, referring to some of the open source projects on GitHub, a rest microservices framework, take it to the people, for the people, on GitHub open source, the address is as follows:


The main features are as follows:


Data access

DAO uses MyBatis 3.3.0 + tk.mybatis generic Mapper3.1.3 to support transaction rollback

Database initialization Script

See Src/mybatis-generator/ddl.sql

Data entity code generation

Using Mybatis-generator 1.3.2 generation, generate script see src/mybatis-generator/gen.sh

Web container

Embedded Tomcat container with gzip compression turned on by default

Logging and monitoring

Parameters for all controller layers use AOP to automatically log logs,

Parameter check

Parameter objects are automatically verified by annotations

return results

The service results are returned in JSON format, and if the service layer has an exception, the results are returned with ErrorCode and Errordesc, regardless of whether the service-side method executes successfully or not, it returns the execution result and the service-side time-consuming

Access address

Http://localhost:8080/ping This is the test address, after the app launches, the Browse this address should return:

1 {2 3     "data": "Running", 4     "ErrorCode": null,5     "Errordesc": null,6     "Elapsedmilliseconds":? 0,7     " Success ": True8 9}

Other GitHub reference projects:







Spring-boot-based Rest microservices framework

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