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After the spring consolidation JavaMail succeeded, a large amount of code was configured into the spring configuration file, reducing the JavaMail to mailboxes, ports, protocols, topics, content ... The coupling. You can send a message only if you need to invoke one line of code on the client.

First, you don't have to import jars into the project's lib, but you need to import 3 jar file Activation.jar in Tomcat's Lib, Jspsmartupload.jar,mail.jar import the 3 jar files so Tomcat doesn't have an error.

Sendmanagerservice. java

package com.cgt.itspiderman.service.email;

public interface SendManagerService {
    public void sendMail(String email);

Defines an interface for sending mail.

Package com.cgt.itspiderman.service.email;

Import Javax.mail.Message;
Import javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress;
Import Javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage;

Import org.springframework.mail.SimpleMailMessage;
Import Org.springframework.mail.javamail.JavaMailSender;
Import Org.springframework.mail.javamail.MimeMessagePreparator;

public class Sendmanagerserviceimp implements Sendmanagerservice {

Private javamailsender Mailsende R

Private simplemailmessage message;

public void SendMail (final String email) {
//TODO auto-generated method stub

Mimeme Ssagepreparator preparator = new Mimemessagepreparator ()
public void prepare (MimeMessage Mim Emessage) throws Exception {

mimemessage.setrecipient (Message.RecipientType.TO, New internetaddr ESS (email));
Mimemessage.setfrom (New INternetaddress (Message.getfrom ()));
Mimemessage.setsubject (Message.getsubject (), "GBK");
Mimemessage.settext (Message.gettext (), "GBK");
Mailsender.send (preparator);    


Public Javamailsender Getmailsender () {
return mailsender;

public void Setmailsender (Javamailsender mailsender) {
This.mailsender = MailSender;

Public Simplemailmessage getMessage () {
return message;

public void Setmessage (Simplemailmessage message) {
This.message = message;


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