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Spring--jar Package Detailed

Org.springframework.aop--spring aspect-oriented programming, which provides AOP (aspect-oriented programming) implementation

org.springframework.asm--spring 2.5.6 need asm jar package, spring3.0 start to provide its own independent ASM jar Package

Integration of the ASPECTJ framework provided by org.springframework.aspects--spring

org.springframework.beans--all applications, including access profiles, creation and management of beans, are the basis of the spring IOC implementation.

Extended support for the org.springframework.context.support--spring context for MVC

org.springframework.context--provides extended services on basic IOC capabilities, as well as support for many enterprise-class services, such as mail services, task scheduling, jndi positioning, EJB integration, remote access, caching, and multiple view layer frameworks.

Org.springframework.core--spring Core Toolkit, other packages depend on this package

Org.springframework.expression--spring Expression Language

Org.springframework.instrument.tomcat--spring integration of the Tomcat connection pool

Org.springframework.instrument--spring Agent interface to the server

org.springframework.jdbc--Simple encapsulation of JDBC

org.springframework.jms--simple encapsulation for simplifying the use of the JMS API

org.springframework.orm--integrates third-party ORM implementations, such as HIBERNATE,IBATIS,JDO and the JPA implementations of spring

Org.springframework.oxm--spring support for Object/xml mappings allows you to switch back and forth between Java and XML

org.springframework.test--simple encapsulation of test frameworks such as JUnit

org.springframework.transaction--declarative and simple programmatic transaction management for JDBC,HIBERNATE,JDO and JPA

Enhancements to org.springframework.web.portlet--spring MVC

org.springframework.web.servlet--Support for j2ee6.0 servlet3.0

The support of the org.springframework.web.struts--integrated struts framework makes it easier and easier to integrate the struts framework.

org.springframework.web--contains the core classes required to use the spring framework when developing Web applications, including classes that automatically load Webapplicationcontext features, struts and JSF integration classes, File upload support classes, Filter class and a large number of tool helper classes.

Spring Package Dependency Description:

1) Spring-core.jar need Commons-collections.jar,spring-core.jar is the following other basic.

2) Spring-beans.jar need Spring-core.jar,cglib-nodep-2.1_3.jar

3) Spring-aop.jar need Spring-core.jar,spring-beans.jar,cglib-nodep-2.1_3.jar,aopalliance.jar

4) Spring-context.jar need Spring-core.jar,spring-beans.jar,spring-aop.jar,commons-collections.jar,aopalliance.jar

5) Spring-dao.jar Need Spring-core.jar,spring-beans.jar,spring-aop.jar,spring-context.jar

6) Spring-jdbc.jar need Spring-core.jar,spring-beans.jar,spring-dao.jar

7) Spring-web.jar need Spring-core.jar,spring-beans.jar,spring-context.jar

8) Spring-webmvc.jar need Spring-core.jar/spring-beans.jar/spring-context.jar/spring-web.jar

9) Spring-hibernate.jar need spring-core.jar,spring-beans.jar,spring-aop.jar,spring- Dao.jar,spring-jdbc.jar,spring-orm.jar,spring-web.jar,spring-webmvc.jar

Spring-orm.jar need spring-core.jar,spring-beans.jar,spring-aop.jar,spring- Dao.jar,spring-jdbc.jar,spring-web.jar,spring-webmvc.jar

One) Spring-remoting.jar need spring-core.jar,spring-beans.jar,spring-aop.jar,spring- Dao.jar,spring-context.jar,spring-web.jar,spring-webmvc.jar

12) Spring-support.jar need Spring-core.jar,spring-beans.jar,spring-aop.jar,spring-dao.jar,spring-context.jar,spring-jdbc.jar

Spring-mock.jar need Spring-core.jar,spring-beans.jar,spring-dao.jar,spring-context.jar,spring-jdbc.jar

Spring--jar Package Explanation (Turn)

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