Spring Learning 4-aspect-oriented (AOP) schema configuration method

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I. Implementation of AOP steps through scheme configuration ( Environment of Spring AOP Environment and previous blog post Spring interface in the same way)
Step One, write the business class:

public class Aspectbusiness {
public string Delete (String obj) {
System.out.println ("========== call Pointcut:" + obj + "said:" You dare to delete me! ===========\n ");
return obj + ": Aim ~";

publicstring Add (String obj) {
System.out.println ("================ This method cannot be cut ... ==============\n ");
return obj + ": Aim ~ Hehe! ";

publicstring Modify (String obj) {
System.out.println ("================= This also set join cut bar ====================\n");
return obj + ": Aim and AIM! ";


Step Two, write the slice class: The Slice class, contains all the notifications

public class Aspectadvice {

//Front-facing notifications
public void Dobefore (Joinpoint JP) {
System.out.println ("=========== into before advice============\n");

System.out.print ("Ready on" + Jp.gettarget (). GetClass () + "Object");
System.out.print (Jp.getsignature (). GetName () + "method to");
System.out.print (Jp.getargs () [0] + "' Delete! \ n ");

System.out.println ("To enter the Pointcut method \ n");

Post notification
@param JP
Connection point
@param result
return value

Public Voiddoafter (Joinpoint JP, String result) {
System.out.println ("========== into after advice=========== \ n");
System.out.println ("The Pointcut method has been executed \ n");

System.out.print (Jp.getargs () [0] + "in");
System.out.print (Jp.gettarget (). GetClass () + "on object");
System.out.print (Jp.getsignature (). GetName () + "method removed");
System.out.print ("Left only:" + result + "\ n");

Surround Notifications
Connection point

Public ObjectDoaround (Proceedingjoinpoint pjp) throws Throwable {
System.out.println ("=========== into around surround Method! =========== \ n ");

Action to execute before calling the target method
System.out.println ("Before calling Method: Execute!") \ n ");

Parameters of the Calling method
object[] args = Pjp.getargs ();
Method name to invoke
String method = Pjp.getsignature (). GetName ();
Get target Object
Object target = Pjp.gettarget ();
Execution of the return value of the method: calling the proceed () method triggers the Pointcut method execution
Object result = Pjp.proceed ();

System.out.println ("Output:" + args[0] + ";" + method + ";" + target + ";" + result + "\ n");
System.out.println ("Call method End: Execute after!") \ n ");
return result;

Exception notification

Public Voiddothrow (Joinpoint JP, Throwable e) {
System.out.println ("delete error");


step Four, the configuration file writing:

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?>
<beansxmlns= "Http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"
Xmlns:xsi= "Http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:p= "http://www.springframework.org/schema/p"
xmlns:context= "Http://www.springframework.org/schema/context"
Xsi:schemalocation= "
Http://www.springframework.org/schema/aop/spring-aop-3.0.xsd "

<!--============================== using spring to configure aop================================--> with ASPECTJ

<!--declare a business class--
<bean id= "aspectbusiness" class= "aop.schema.AspectBusiness"/>

<!--Notice class--
<bean id= "Aspectadvice" class= "Aop.schema.advice.AspectAdvice"/>

<aop:aspect id= "Businessaspect" ref= "Aspectadvice" >
<!--Configure the object to be cut in--
<aop:pointcut id= "point_cut" expression= "Execution (*aop.schema.*.* (..))"/>
<!--match only the Add method as a pointcut
<aop:pointcut id= "Except_add" expression= "Execution (* aop.schema.*.add (..))" />

<!--front-facing notifications-
<aop:before method= "Dobefore" pointcut-ref= "Point_cut"/>
<!--post notification returning specify the return parameter--
<aop:after-returning method= "Doafter"
pointcut-ref= "Point_cut" returning= "result"/>
<aop:around method= "Doaround" pointcut-ref= "Point_cut"/>
<aop:after-throwing method= "Dothrow" pointcut-ref= "Point_cut" throwing= "E"/>


Step five, test class:

public class Debug {

publicstatic void Main (string[] args) {
ApplicationContext context = Newclasspathxmlapplicationcontext ("Aop/schema_aop.xml");
Aspectbusiness business = (aspectbusiness) context.getbean ("aspectbusiness");
Business.delete ("Cat");


Spring Learning 4-aspect-oriented (AOP) schema configuration method

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