Spring Player Detailed Design manual (i)

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1 Introduction
1. 1 purpose of writing

The purpose of writing is to detail the design use of the SPRING music player, which is intended for users who need to use a simple music player on their PC.
1. 2 Project background
  a . The name of the software system to be developed is the SPRING music player ;
  b . The task of this project is the Springer Team , the developer for the Springer Group , the user object is the PC Individual user, suitable for running on a common PC .

C. In daily life, the number of audio files in personal computers is necessarily large, requiring a software to open, input, and manage audio files in a single play to improve playback efficiency.

D. the software system is based on c++/c# , Support Windows series platform.
1. 3 Definitions
Name of the system:Spring player

System use Rights: player System user with registration ID

Spring Player System User role:PC Client User

1. 4 references
  a . "Spring player Feasibility Study report";
  b . Spring player Requirement Analysis manual;

C. GB/t 11457: software engineering terminology;

D GB/T 8544-1995: computer software development code;

E gb8567-88 computer Software Product Development Documentation Guide.

2 overall design
Lists the names, identifiers, and hierarchical relationships between each program in the program system, including each module and subroutine, with a series of charts.

    1. 1 Requirements Overview

Spring Player Basic ability is three blocks: Login system, music input, music playback output management.

Login module mainly realizes user ID identification, login player interface, exit login and other operations;

The main realization of music input: from the network or local music library to find songs, time sequence import, generate playlists, delete music and other functions;

Music playback output Management mainly implemented: Music playback, pause, according to the playlist to achieve automatic / manual switch, random play and other functions.

    1. 2 Software Architecture

1 Login module:


Sub-module identification

Parent Module

Identify authenticated user Id&password


Login Module

New User Registration


Login Module

Exit Login


Login Module

2 Music input module:


Sub-module identification

Parent Module

Music Local Import


Music input Module

Music Network Library Import


Music input Module

Form Playlists


Music input Module

View music Information


Music input Module

Delete operation


Music input Module

3 Music Playback output Management module:


Sub-module identification

Parent Module

Music sequence Playback


Music Playback Output Management module

Music Random Play


Music Playback Output Management module

Toggle Operation


Music Playback Output Management module

Pause operation


Music Playback Output Management module

Spring player Detailed Design manual (i)

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