Spring Source Depth Analysis (a)

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The spring overall architecture is divided into the following sections:

1.Core module: The basic core tool class that contains the spring framework, and the other components of spring use the classes in this package, and the core module is the base of the other components.

The 2.Beans module contains all the classes related to accessing the configuration file, creating and managing beans, and doing ioc/di (control inversion/dependency injection, which is detailed in the previous article).

Built on the core and beans modules, the 3.Context module provides a framework-based approach to object access similar to the Jndi registrar. The context module inherits the features of the beans, providing a large number of extensions to the spring core, adding support for internationalization (such as resource binding), event propagation, resource loading, and transparent creation of the context

The 4.Expression language module provides a powerful expression language for querying and manipulating objects at run-time. The language supports setting/getting property values, assigning attributes, invoking methods, accessing array contexts, containers and indexers, logical and arithmetic operators, naming variables, and retrieving objects from the spring IOC container by name, and it also supports list projection, selection, and general list aggregation.

The Data access/integration layer contains the JDBC,ORM,OXM,JMS and transaction modules.

The Web tier contains Web,web-servlet,web-struts and Web-porlet modules. (these two levels are followed by learning to explain)

The AOP module provides an implementation of aspect-oriented programming that conforms to the AOP Federation, which allows you to define, for example, method interceptors and pointcuts, to separate the logic code and reduce their coupling. You can also incorporate various behavioral information into your code using the Source-level metadata feature.


Spring Source Depth Analysis (a)

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