Springboot and Springcloud version issues

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Spring Cloud provides developers with a set of tools that can be used to quickly build common patterns in distributed systems. Extracting the trunk is the spring cloud that provides a set of tools. These tools provide developers with a common solution to common problems in distributed systems. These programs cover configuration management, service discovery, circuit breakers, intelligent routing, micro-proxies, control buses, one-time tokens, global locks, leader elections, distributed sessions, and more.

Spring Cloud Version

As you write an article, the Spring cloud version evolves as follows:

Version name version
Finchley Version Snapshot
Edgware Version Snapshot
Dalston SR1 Current stable version
Camden SR7 Stable version
Brixton SR7 Stable version
Angel SR6 Stable version

From the bottom angel to the Finchley, it can be seen that the first letter of the version is arranged in a A-Z order. What is the meaning of these words, probably the search can come to the basic is the place name, the official note is that these version number of the word from the London subway station name.

So why use a word instead of a number-type version number?
Because Spring cloud contains a series of subsystems, Spring cloud config,spring Cloud netflix,spring Cloud bus and so on, in order to prevent confusion with the version numbers of these subsystems, spring Cloud version numbers all use English words.

The srx,x after the version number represents a number, which is the minor version number, which is the version number that fixes some fatal issues in the specific release.

Spring cloud and Spring boot version matching relationship

Spring Cloud Spring Boot
Finchley Spring Boot 2.0.x compatible, spring boot 1.5.x not compatible
Dalston and Edgware Spring Boot 1.5.x compatible, spring boot 2.0.x not compatible
Camden Spring Boot 1.4.x compatible and spring boot 1.5.x compatible
Brixton Spring Boot 1.3.x compatible and spring boot 1.4.x compatible
Angel Compatible with spring Boot 1.2.x

Springboot and Springcloud version issues

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