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The configuration file is added as follows (I am using a multiple data source):

spring.datasource.primary.url=jdbc\:mysql\://localhost\:3306/test?useunicode\=true&characterencoding\= Utf-8
#获取连接时候验证, can affect performance
Spring.datasource.primary.validation-query=select 1 from DUAL
#空闲连接回收的时间间隔, use with Test-while-idle, set for 5 minutes
#连接池空闲连接的有效时间, set for 30 minutes
#指定连接池等待连接返回的最大等待时间, millisecond unit.

spring.datasource.secondary.url=jdbc\:mysql\://localhost\:3306/test2?useunicode\=true&characterencoding\= Utf-8
#获取连接时候验证, can affect performance
Spring.datasource.secondary.validation-query=select 1 from DUAL
#空闲连接回收的时间间隔, use with Test-while-idle, set for 5 minutes
#连接池空闲连接的有效时间, set for 30 minutes
#指定连接池等待连接返回的最大等待时间, millisecond unit.


Spring.dao.exceptiontranslation.enabled whether to open Persistenceexceptiontranslationpostprocessor, default to True

Spring.datasource.abandon-when-percentage-full set timeout to be closed or escalated when the number of obsolete connections is accounted for

Spring.datasource.allow-pool-suspension allow connection pooling to be paused when using Hikari pool, default: False

Spring.datasource.alternate-username-allowed whether to allow alternate user names.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.AUTO-COMMIT Specifies whether updates is automatically submitted.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.CATALOG Specifies the default catalog.

Spring.datasource.commit-on-return set whether to commit all outstanding transactions when the connection is returned

SPRING.DATASOURCE.CONNECTION-INIT-SQL Specifies that the connection is created and then executed before being added to the connection pool.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.CONNECTION-INIT-SQLS when using DBCP connection pool, specify the SQL to execute when initializing

Spring.datasource.connection-properties. [key] Specifies the properties to configure when using the DBCP connection pool

SPRING.DATASOURCE.CONNECTION-TEST-QUERY specifies the SQL statement that verifies the legality of the connection execution

SPRING.DATASOURCE.CONNECTION-TIMEOUT specifies the time-out period for the connection, in milliseconds.

Spring.datasource.continue-on-error encountered an error while initializing the database, default false

Spring.datasource.data specified data (DML) script

SPRING.DATASOURCE.DATA-SOURCE-CLASS-NAME Specifies the fully qualified name of the data source.

Spring.datasource.data-source-jndi Specify the address of the Jndi

Spring.datasource.data-source-properties. [Key] Specifies the property to set when using the Hikari connection pool

Spring.datasource.db-properties use Tomcat connection pool to specify the properties to set

Whether the spring.datasource.default-auto-commit is automatically submitted.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.DEFAULT-CATALOG Specifies the default catalog for the connection.

Spring.datasource.default-read-only whether to set the default connection read-only.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.DEFAULT-TRANSACTION-ISOLATION Specifies the default isolation level for a connected transaction.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.DRIVER-CLASS-NAME specifies the class name of the driver, which is automatically detected by default from the JDBC URL.

Spring.datasource.fair-queue whether to use FIFO to return the connection.

Spring.datasource.health-check-properties. [Key] The properties passed when the heartbeat is checked using the Hikari connection pool

SPRING.DATASOURCE.IDLE-TIMEOUT Specifies how long the connection is not used, is set to idle, and the default is 10ms

Spring.datasource.ignore-exception-on-pre-load whether the exception is ignored when the connection pool is initialized.

Spring.datasource.init-sql the SQL that executes when the connection is created

SPRING.DATASOURCE.INITIAL-SIZE Specifies the number of connections initially established when the connection pool is started

Spring.datasource.initialization-fail-fast when creating a connection pool, you cannot create a specified minimum number of connections to throw an exception

SPRING.DATASOURCE.INITIALIZE Specifies whether to initialize the data source, initialize it with Data.sql, default: True

Spring.datasource.isolate-internal-queries Specify whether internal queries are to be quarantined, default to False

When Spring.datasource.jdbc-interceptors uses Tomcat connection pool, specify the JDBC Interceptor, semicolon-delimited


spring.datasource.jmx-enabled if JMX is turned on, default is: false

SPRING.DATASOURCE.JNDI-NAME Specifies the name of the Jndi.

Spring.datasource.leak-detection-threshold how many milliseconds to detect a connection leak when using Hikari connection pool.

Spring.datasource.log-abandoned uses DBCP connection pool to track discarded statement or connections, by default: false

Spring.datasource.log-validation-errors whether to print checksum errors when using Tomcat connection pool.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.LOGIN-TIMEOUT specifies the time-out period for connecting to the database.

spring.datasource.max-active Specifies the maximum number of active connections in the connection pool.

Spring.datasource.max-age Specify the maximum age for connections in a connection pool

SPRING.DATASOURCE.MAX-IDLE Specifies the maximum number of idle connections for the connection pool.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.MAX-LIFETIME Specifies the maximum lifetime of connections in the connection pool, in milliseconds.

spring.datasource.max-open-prepared-statements Specifies the maximum number of open prepared statements.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.MAX-WAIT Specifies the maximum wait time, in milliseconds, that the connection pool waits for the connection to return.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.MAXIMUM-POOL-SIZE Specifies the maximum number of connections for the connection pool, including the and idle connections that are in use.

Spring.datasource.min-evictable-idle-time-millis Specifies how long an idle connection can be cleared after a minimum of idle time.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.MIN-IDLE Specifies the minimum value that must remain connected (for DBCP and Tomcat connection pools)

SPRING.DATASOURCE.MINIMUM-IDLE Specifies the minimum number of idle connections maintained by the connection, as specified when using HIKARICP.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.NAME Specifies the name of the data source.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.NUM-TESTS-PER-EVICTION-RUN Specifies the number of objects to run each idle object Evictor thread

SPRING.DATASOURCE.PASSWORD Specifies the database password.

Spring.datasource.platform Specifies the platform (schema-${platform}.sql) to use for the schema, by default: All

SPRING.DATASOURCE.POOL-NAME Specifies the connection pool name.

spring.datasource.pool-prepared-statements Specifies whether to pool statements.

Spring.datasource.propagate-interrupt-state whether the interrupt state is propagated if the thread is interrupted while waiting for a connection.

Spring.datasource.read-only whether to mark a data source read-only when using Hikari connection pool

Spring.datasource.register-mbeans Specifies whether the Hikari connection pool registers jmx Mbeans.

spring.datasource.remove-abandoned Specifies whether the connection is deleted immediately when the connection exceeds the obsolete timeout.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.REMOVE-ABANDONED-TIMEOUT specifies when the connection should be discarded.

Spring.datasource.rollback-on-return whether the pending transaction is rolled back when the connection is returned.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.SCHEMA Specifies schema (DDL) scripts.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.SEPARATOR Specifies the statement delimiter for the initialization script, by default:;

spring.datasource.sql-script-encoding specifies the SQL scripts encoding.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.SUSPECT-TIMEOUT specifies the time-out period before the discarded connection is printed.

Spring.datasource.test-on-borrow whether to test the connection when borrowing from the connection pool.

Whether to test the connection when Spring.datasource.test-on-connect is created

Spring.datasource.test-on-return whether the connection is tested when the connection is returned to the connection pool.

Spring.datasource.test-while-idle whether to perform a connection test when the connection is idle.

Spring.datasource.time-between-eviction-runs-millis Specify the operation interval between idle connection checking, obsolete connection cleanup, and idle connection pool sizing

SPRING.DATASOURCE.TRANSACTION-ISOLATION Specifies the transaction isolation level, which is specified when using the Hikari connection pool


Spring.datasource.use-disposable-connection-facade whether the connection is packaged to prevent the connection from being used after it is closed.

Spring.datasource.use-equals use String.Equals () to replace = = when comparing method names.

Spring.datasource.use-lock whether to lock the connection operation

SPRING.DATASOURCE.USERNAME Specifies the database name.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.VALIDATION-INTERVAL Specifies how many MS performs a connection checksum.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.VALIDATION-QUERY specifies the SQL query statement that connects checksums when a connection is obtained.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.VALIDATION-QUERY-TIMEOUT specifies the time-out period for connection checksum queries.

Spring.datasource.validation-timeout sets the timeout for connection checksums, specified when using Hikari connection pool

Spring.datasource.validator-class-name the validator fully qualified name used to test the query.

SPRING.DATASOURCE.XA.DATA-SOURCE-CLASS-NAME Specifies the fully qualified name of the data source.

Spring.datasource.xa.properties specifies the properties to be passed to XA data source

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