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Introduction to Spring Cloud ribbon

ribbonFor load balancing, and for soft load balancing, the core has three points:

    • Service discovery, discovering a list of dependent services
    • Service selection rules, how to select a valid service in multiple services
    • Service monitoring, detection of failed services, efficient elimination of failure services
Netflix Ribbon

A simple Demo

Configuration file:

# Max Number of retries on the same server (excluding the first try)Sample-client. Ribbon. Maxautoretries=1# Max Number of next servers to retry (excluding the first server)Sample-client. Ribbon. Maxautoretriesnextserver=1# Whether All operations can is retried for the This clientSample-client. Ribbon. Oktoretryonalloperations=true# Interval to refresh the server list from the sourceSample-client. Ribbon. Serverlistrefreshinterval= -# Connect Timeout used by Apache HttpClientSample-client. Ribbon. ConnectTimeout= the# Read Timeout used by Apache HttpClientSample-client. Ribbon. ReadTimeout= the# Initial List of servers, can be changed via Archaius dynamic @ runtimeSample-client. Ribbon. Listofservers=www. U51. Xin: theWww. Baidu. com: theWww. 163. com: theWww. Csdn. NET: the

Configuration format is clientName.spaceName.params
Core configuration sample-client.ribbon.listOfServers indicates a list of valid services


Packagecom. LKL. Springcloud. Ribbon;Importcom. Netflix. Client. Clientfactory;Importcom. Netflix. Client. HTTP. HttpRequest;Importcom. Netflix. Client. HTTP. HttpResponse;Importcom. Netflix. config. ConfigurationManager;Importcom. Netflix. LoadBalancer. Zoneawareloadbalancer;Importcom. Netflix. NIWS. Client. HTTP. Restclient;Import Java. NET. URI;/** * Created by Liaokailin on 16/5/6. * *public class Basictest {public static void main (string[] args) throws exception{ConfigurationManager. Loadpropertiesfromresources("Sample-client.properties");//1System. out. println(ConfigurationManager. Getconfiginstance(). GetProperty("Sample-client.ribbon.listofservers"));Restclient client = (restclient) clientfactory. Getnamedclient("Sample-client");//2HttpRequest request = HttpRequest. Newbuilder(). Uri(The New URI ("/")). Build();//3for (int i =0; i <; i++) {HttpResponse response = Client. Executewithloadbalancer(Request);//4System. out. println("Status code for"+ Response. Getrequesteduri() +"  :"+ Response. GetStatus());} zoneawareloadbalancer lb = (zoneawareloadbalancer) client. Getloadbalancer();System. out. println(LB. Getloadbalancerstats());ConfigurationManager. Getconfiginstance(). SetProperty("Sample-client.ribbon.listofservers","Www.qq.com:80,www.u51.xin");//5System. out. println("Changing servers ...");Thread. Sleep( the); for (int i =0; i <; i++) {HttpResponse response = Client. Executewithloadbalancer(Request);System. out. println("Status code for"+ Response. Getrequesteduri() +"  : "+ Response. GetStatus());} System. out. println(LB. Getloadbalancerstats());//6}}
    • 1. Loading configuration files via Archaius
    • 2. By ClientFactory obtaining the specified name of the client, the method obtains the LoadBalancer
    • 3. Build the request
    • 4. Execute LoadBalancer, you will find that the invoked service will switch the data in the listOfServers list
    • 5. Modify the list of available services
    • 6. Get LoadBalancer Status

ribbonThere are three core components

    • Rule-How to get a valid service from the list of services
    • Ping-The background run thread is used to determine if a service is available
    • ServerList-List of services
Spring Cloud Ribbon

Archaius Default Load Configuration config.properties

Ribbon configuration Information



application.propertiesConfigure the client name


corresponding Java class

Packagecom. LKL. Springcloud. Ribbon;Importcom. Netflix. LoadBalancer. Server;Importcom. Netflix. LoadBalancer. ServerList;Importcom. Netflix. LoadBalancer. Zoneawareloadbalancer;import org. Springframework. Beans. Factory. Annotation. Autowired;import org. Springframework. Boot. Springapplication;import org. Springframework. Boot. Autoconfigure. Springbootapplication;import org. Springframework. Boot. Builder. Springapplicationbuilder;import org. Springframework. Cloud. Netflix. Ribbon. Ribbonclients;import org. Springframework. Cloud. Netflix. Ribbon. Springclientfactory;import org. Springframework. Util. Collectionutils;import org. Springframework. Web. Bind. Annotation. Requestmapping;import org. Springframework. Web. Bind. Annotation. Restcontroller;Import Java. Util. List;/** * Created by Liaokailin on 16/5/6. * *@SpringBootApplication @ribbonclients@restcontrollerpublic class Ribbondefaultconfigapplication {@Autowired private Springclientfactory clientfactory;@RequestMapping ("/") public void Getserverlist () throws Exception {zoneawareloadbalancer<server> lb = (zoneawareloadbalancer <Server>) clientfactory. Getloadbalancer("MyClient");serverlist<server> serverlist = lb. Getserverlistimpl();list<server> serverdetaillist = serverlist. Getinitiallistofservers();if (! Collectionutils. IsEmpty(serverdetaillist)) {for (Server s:serverdetaillist) {System. out. println(s. GetHost() +","+ S. Getport());}} else {System. out. println("No service");}} public static void Main (string[] args) {springapplication app = new Springapplicationbuilder (Ribbondefau Ltconfigapplication. Class). Build();App. Run(args);}}

Using @RibbonClients annotations

In the getServerList method, get the first, ZoneAwareLoadBalancer then get serverlist, get to ServerList can choose a valid service to make the call.

If you need to modify the configuration information, you can pass @RibbonClients the defaultConfiguration configuration in, for example:

@RibbonClients(defaultConfiguration=MyDefaultRibbonConfig.class)Where MyDefaultRibbonConfig.class you can refer toRibbonClientConfiguration.java

OK ~ it ' s work! More about are here

Springcloud (sixth article) Springcloud Ribbon

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