SPRINGMVC Annotation Development

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First create a class in a package, and then configure Sprringmvacontroller.xml and link to the class.

<contextbase-package= "Cn.happy.controllerreturn"></Context  : Component-scan>
Annotations The classes created by development and their methods

Wildcard: is a symbol, not an exact match, but a substitute for

* * represents any level of directory, or no directory

 PackageCn.happy.Controler;ImportOrg.springframework.stereotype.Controller;ImportOrg.springframework.ui.Model;Importorg.springframework.web.bind.annotation.PathVariable;Importorg.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMapping;ImportOrg.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMethod;/*** Created by Java on 2017/8/18. */@Controller @requestmapping ("/user")Public classHappycontroller {@RequestMapping ("/first") PublicString Dofirst () {return"/web-inf/index.jsp"; } @RequestMapping ("/second") PublicString Dosecond () {return"/web-inf/insert.jsp"; } @RequestMapping ("/*thtird") PublicString Dothird () {return"/web-inf/delete.jsp"; } @RequestMapping ("/**/fourth") PublicString Dofourth () {return"/web-inf/insert.jsp"; } @RequestMapping ("/*/six") PublicString Dosix () {return"/web-inf/insert.jsp"; The}//Path variable @RequestMapping (value ="/{name}/{age}/first.do", method = {Requestmethod.POST, Requestmethod.GET}) PublicString Dofirstcoller (@PathVariable () string name, @PathVariable () string age) {System. out. println (name); System. out. println (age);return"/web-inf/index.jsp"; } @RequestMapping (value ="/first.do", method = {Requestmethod.POST, Requestmethod.GET}) PublicString Dofirst (string name, model model) {System. out. println ("Name"+name); Model.addattribute ("Name"+name);return"Index"; }}
   Definition of the mode in the request:
   The value of the method property is Requestmethod, which is an enumeration constant
   First create a UserInfo entity class and write the attributes and encapsulate them:   
   Domain properties: The type of a variable in one class is another custom type.
UserInfo {    name;    Private   Book;     books;     list<book> getbooks () {        books;    }     setbooks (list<book> Books) {   //collection Properties this        .  = books;    }     Book GetBook () {        book;    }     setbook (book book) {This        .  = Book;    }     String getName () {        name;    }     setName (String name) {This        .  = name;}    }
And then create the book's entity class, also write a property to encapsulate it
Book {    bookname;     String getbookname () {        bookname;    }     setbookname (String bookname) {This        .  = BookName;    }}
Then create the Argementcontroller class
 @Controller  public class  Argementcontroller {@RequestMapping ( "/login2" )//qualification Request method  Public  String login2 (UserInfo info) {System.   out  .        println (Info.getname ());  return          "/web-inf/delete.jsp" ; } @RequestMapping ( "/arearggement" )  public  String login4 (UserInfo info) {Sy Stem.   out  . println (Info.getname () +  "  \ t  "  +        Info.getbook (). Getbookname ());  return      "/web-inf/delete.jsp" ; }
@RequestParam  correction parameter name    @RequestMapping ("/rightarggument")    String  logg3 (@ Requestparam ("name") String uname2) {        System.  out. println (uname2);         "/web-inf/delete.jsp";    } @RequestMapping ("/listargument")String listlogin5 (UserInfo info) {    System.  out. println (Info.getname () +"\ t"+info.getbooks (). Get (0). Getbookname ());         "/web-inf/delete.jsp";}}
Garbled Solution forceencoding
<!--javaweb Big three servlet Filter listener -<Filter> <Filter-name>charactorencodingfilter</Filter-name> <Filter-class>org.springframework.web.filter.characterencodingfilter</Filter-class> <Init-param> <Param-name>encoding</Param-name> <Param-value>utf-8</Param-value> </Init-param> <Init-param> <Param-name>forceencoding</Param-name> <Param-value>true</Param-value> </Init-param> </Filter> <filter-mapping> <Filter-name>charactorencodingfilter</Filter-name> <Url-pattern>/*</Url-pattern> </filter-mapping>


SPRINGMVC Annotation Development

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