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Spring WEB MVC is a lightweight web framework that implements the request-driven type of the Web MVC design pattern based on Java, using the idea of the MVC architecture pattern to decouple the WEB layer, which is based on the request-response model, The purpose of the framework is to help us simplify development, and Spring Web MVC simplifies our daily web development.

Spring Web MVC is also an implementation of the service to worker patterns, but is optimized. The front-end controller is dispatcherservlet; The application controller is actually split into the processor mapper (Handler Mapping) for the processor management and view Resolver for view management; Page Controller/action/ The processor is an implementation of the Controller interface (which contains only the Modelandview handlerequest (request, Response) method (or any Pojo class), supports localization (Locale) parsing, Subject (Theme) parsing and file uploading, providing a very flexible mechanism for data validation, formatting, and data binding, and provides a strong contract-programming support that is larger than the configuration (Convention precedence principle).

Spring MVC processing Process:

The above SPRINGMVC Introductory guide (Must SEE) is a small series to share all the content, hope to give you a reference, but also hope that we support cloud habitat community.

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