SPRINGMVC's Interceptor

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The implementation of the Handlerinterceptor interface is used in this article

1. Custom Interceptors:

/*** interception Device*/ Public classCustomerinterceptorImplementshandlerinterceptor{/*** The Handlerinterceptor interface defines three methods * Execution order: * 1.preHandle: * When the request comes in, it takes precedence to enter Prehandle This method if return true request Release, if return false request immediate termination * 2. Execute the controller to intercept * 3.postHandle: * When the Prehandle method is put back to true and the controller executes after completion will enter POS Thandle This method * 4.afterCompletion: * When Posthandle execution is complete, execute the Aftercompletion method*/@Override Public BooleanPrehandle (httpservletrequest request, httpservletresponse response, Object handler)throwsException {System.out.println ("----start intercepting----."); return true; } @Override Public voidPosthandle (httpservletrequest request, httpservletresponse response, Object handler, Modelandvi EW Modelandview)throwsException {if(modelandview!=NULL) {Modelandview.addobject ("Date",NewDate ()); } System.out.println ("------1-----after interception"); } @Override Public voidaftercompletion (httpservletrequest request, httpservletresponse response, Object handler, Exception ex) throwsException {System.out.println ("------2-----after interception"); }}

The following configuration is added to the 2.SPRINGMVC configuration file:

<mvc:interceptor> can configure multiple
When configuring multiple, according to <mvc:interceptor> configuration order, first the first interceptor Prehandle, and so on after all the Prehandle executed,
In accordance with the configuration order of <mvc:interceptor>, the posthandle of the last interceptor is executed first.
<!--Interceptor Configuration -    <BeanID= "Customerinterceptor"class= "Zpark.interceptor.CustomerInterceptor"/>        <!--to add interceptors to the SPRINGMVC interception system. -    <mvc:interceptors>        <Mvc:interceptor>             <!--the path to intercept -            <mvc:mappingPath= "/json/**"/>            <!--referencing a custom interceptor -            <refBean= "Customerinterceptor"/>        </Mvc:interceptor>    </mvc:interceptors>

SPRINGMVC's Interceptor

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