Spring's encryption and decryption of property files

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Typically used to configure sensitive information such as passwords

Decryption/Encryption Tool class

 PackageCom.baobaotao.placeholder;ImportSun.misc.BASE64Decoder;ImportSun.misc.BASE64Encoder;ImportJavax.crypto.Cipher;ImportJavax.crypto.KeyGenerator;ImportJava.security.Key;ImportJava.security.SecureRandom;/*** Encryption/Decryption Tool class * Created by Sherry on 15-6-28.*/ Public classDesutils {/*Specify the encryption/decryption key used*/    Private Statickey key; /*Note: The key must be a multiple of 8*/    Private StaticString key_str = "MYKEYKKK"; Static {        Try {            /*prevent random generation of keys under Linux*/SecureRandom SecureRandom= Securerandom.getinstance ("Sha1prng");            Securerandom.setseed (Key_str.getbytes ()); Keygenerator Keygenerator= Keygenerator.getinstance ("DES"); //Keygenerator.init (New SecureRandom (Key_str.getbytes ()));Keygenerator.init (SecureRandom); Key=Keygenerator.generatekey (); Keygenerator=NULL; }Catch(Exception e) {Throw NewRuntimeException (e); }    }    /*des encryption of strings, return BASE64 encoded encrypted strings*/     Public Staticstring getencryptstring (String string) {Base64encoder Base64encoder=NewBase64encoder (); Try {            byte[] strbytes = String.getbytes ("UTF-8"); Cipher Cipher= Cipher.getinstance ("DES");            Cipher.init (Cipher.encrypt_mode,key); byte[] Encryptstrbytes =cipher.dofinal (strbytes); returnBase64encoder.encode (encryptstrbytes); } Catch(Exception e) {Throw NewRuntimeException (e); }    }    /*decrypts a BASE64 encoded encrypted string, returning the decrypted string*/     Public Staticstring getdecryptstring (String str) {Base64decoder Base64decoder=NewBase64decoder (); Try {            byte[] Strbytes =Base64decoder.decodebuffer (str); Cipher Cipher= Cipher.getinstance ("DES");            Cipher.init (Cipher.decrypt_mode,key); byte[] Decryptstrbytes =cipher.dofinal (strbytes); return NewString (Decryptstrbytes, "UTF-8"); } Catch(Exception e) {Throw NewRuntimeException (e); }    }     Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {args=Newstring[]{"Root", "123456"}; String[] Result=NewString[2]; if(args = =NULL|| Args.length<1) {System.out.println ("Please enter a string to encrypt, split with a space"); }Else {            inti = 0;  for(String Arg:args) {System.out.println (arg+ ":" +getencryptstring (ARG)); Result[i++] =getencryptstring (ARG); }        }         for(String temp:result) {System.out.println (temp+":"+getdecryptstring (temp)); }    }}

Property Editor

 PackageCom.baobaotao.placeholder;ImportOrg.springframework.beans.factory.config.PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer;/*** Created by Sherry on 15-6-28.*/ Public classEncryptpropertyplaceholderconfigurerextendsPropertyplaceholderconfigurer {PrivateString[] Encryptpropnames = {"Username_mysql", "Password"}; @Overrideprotectedstring Convertproperty (String propertyname, String propertyvalue) {if(Isencryptprop (PropertyName)) {String Decryptvalue=desutils.getdecryptstring (PropertyValue); System.out.println ("Decryption Result:" +decryptvalue); returnDecryptvalue; }Else{System.out.println ("No decryption required:" +PropertyValue); returnPropertyValue; }    }    /*determine if the property needs to be encrypted*/     Public BooleanIsencryptprop (String PropertyName) { for(String encryptpropertyname:encryptpropnames) {if(Encryptpropertyname.equals (PropertyName)) {return true; }        }        return false; }}

Configuration uses

    <Beanclass= "Com.baobaotao.placeholder.EncryptPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer"p:location= "Classpath:jdbc.properties"p:fileencoding= "UTF-8"/>    <!--Configure the data source -    <BeanID= "DataSource"class= "Org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource"Destroy-method= "Close"P:driverclassname= "${driverclassname}"P:url= "${url}"P:username= "${username_mysql}"P:password= "${password}"/>

Spring's encryption and decryption of property files

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