Springside 3.0 low profile release

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18 months later, springside 3.0 was released in a low profile.

Springside in this version is no longer expected to build a framework, or a simple and innovative package like ror/Gails. It is only applicable to how to use it.Mainstream selection and programming practicesTo develop Java EE Enterprise applications.
If Sun'sCodeSpringside provides suggestions for Java EE Enterprise Application development if the specification specifies how variables are named in the Code and how annotations are compiled.

Of course, springside 3.0 has synchronized Java for the past year and a half.CommunityTechnical upgrade: JAX-WS 2.0/cxf, struts2, spring 2.5, acegi 2.0... Maven is also fully introduced as a tool for project management and new project generation.

Springside2.0 was a bit complicated and out of control at the end, he Baorong said: it is better to start from scratch.

In the first version, only three typical scenarios are released:

    • Mini-Service: A combination of spring + hibernate + JAX-WS2 (cxf.
    • Mini-Web: A combination of spring, hibernate, Struts 2, and acegi Security 2.
    • Ultra-lightweight website front-end (extreme-web) scenarios: JSP + spring JDBC super-lightweight combination without configuration files, dedicated scan speed website demo, corner store and small applications.

Spring-core is very small as you wish, because springside does not advocate encapsulating everything.

: Http://www.springside.org.cn/download.php
Document address: http://wiki.springside.org.cn/display/SpringSide3

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