Sprint 3 Review and summary and team contribution points and Sprint 1, 2, 3 general overview

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Team situation:

Team Name: Heaven fire

Team Blog Address: https://home.cnblogs.com/u/gjpg/team GitHub Address: Https://github.com/heavenfires/OrderStyem

Team members:

Member Study number (group leader): 201406114207 name: Gan Jiaping Personal blog address: https://home.cnblogs.com/u/gjpg/personal github Address: Https://github.com/ganji Aping

Member Study number: 201406114238 name: Zho Yujing Personal blog address: https://home.cnblogs.com/u/bestmoment/personal github Address: https://github.com/923372 148

Sprint 1, 2, 3 team contributions in detail:

Sprint 3 Review and summary:

1.github-->issues-->milestones progress and situation are as follows:

2. Burndown Chart: The Burndown chart for this Sprint 3 (2016-12-9~2016-12-18) is as follows:

3. Results: The results of the Sprint 3 Orderstyem (order) APP are as follows:

Primarily the design of order and billing and user and exit pages

4.sprint 3 The team contribution is divided into fractions according to the ratio:

Conversion score: 20*n* ratio; Our team has 2 people, including:

Gan Jiaping's contribution to the team in this project score is: 21 points

Zho Yujing's contribution to the team in this project score is: 19 points

5.Sprint 3 sentiment and Harvest:

Gan Jiaping:

First of all, updating blogs and GitHub has become a compulsory course every day.

Then, in the development process, repeatedly debugging procedures and let me clearly understand the development of the programmer's sadness and pain. Especially when you write a piece of code, run the wrong, then find the wrong, change the error, in the run, also error, this is the most painful.

Finally, recalling the entire Sprint 3, can be said to be full of bitterness and suffering. But, also has passed, finally finally ended, honestly said inside is joyful, even if has had the various hardships before. I firmly believe that all the efforts are worth it!

Zho Yujing:

During this sprint sprint, it's much busier and more difficult than the previous sprint. But we also follow the footsteps of our reservations, even though many defects, we can learn a lot from this process.

For their own time schedule is not good, fortunately, the efforts of teammates and help let me work better. I believe that in the future I will solve the problem, write better code.

Sprint 1, 2, 3 General overview:

The 1.github-->issues-->milestones situation is as follows:

2. Burndown Chart: Sprint 1, 2, 3 each Sprint Burndown chart is as follows:

3. Results: Orderstyem (order) APP implementation effect is as follows:

4.Sprint total sentiment and harvest:

Gan Jiaping:

In these days, blogs and GitHub are being updated every day, and maybe someone will ask me, "Are you tired doing this every day?" ”

Maybe time is a good medicine, do it every day, let me form a kind of favorable reflex, simply to insist.

In fact, I would like to say that "after years of you, you will be grateful to now strive to struggle for you!" ”

Zho Yujing:

Through these three sprint sprints, I feel a bit tired, but also learned a lot, a more in-depth understanding of the Android code and grammar. There is a familiar concept of the role positioning of each member in an app production process.

Each role is indispensable, and in the agile process we are serving our code in our own way.

I got a lot, and I met a lot of problems in the middle, thanks to the help of my teammates, and the advice and guidance of the TA and the teacher on GitHub, so that my accomplishments in software engineering are growing.

Sprint 3 Review and summary and team contribution points and Sprint 1, 2, 3 general overview

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