SQL2005 Power outage Restart database suspect repair success story

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SQL2005 database, the server suddenly loses power , After restarting the server ,

database becomes " suspect " database cannot attach failed "Fix Success Stories

Shenzhen, a production-oriented enterprises in the end of March telephone consulting US

   sql SERVER 2005 database , server suddenly loses power After restarting the server database becomes " suspect

during the normal read and write operation of the database, the server suddenly loses power , Causes the database to fail to write all buffered data to the database file .

Therefore, the data internal index and data area are corrupted.

1. First Use the "No Log attached database" tool developed by our company to attach the data to the SQL2005 first .

2. using DBCC to detect the database, found "and latch page" error, specific error message:

650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://www.zhentiezi.com/data/attachment/portal/201604/12/112135zsh0ztcsv1oglq3t.png " Style= "Border:none;"/>

msg 8967, Level 16, State 218, line 1th

An internal error occurred in DBCC and cannot continue processing. Please contact the product support staff.

Msg 8944, Level 16, State 12, line 1th

Table error: Object ID 0, index ID-1, partition ID 0, allocation unit ID 851968 (type Unknown), page (1:75,678), line 124. Test (Columnoffsets <= (Nextrec-prec)) failed. Values are 41 and 11.

Msg 7985, Level 16, State 2, line 1th

system table Pre-check: Object ID 13. The latch type SH cannot be used to read and latch the page (1:75,678). The CHECK statement was terminated due to an uncorrectable error.

3. Engineers through the internal structure of the MDF file Analysis , found that there are multiple pages damaged , By calculation , The correct value is written back , and the database is read normally .

650) this.width=650; "src=" http://doc.ithao123.cn/d/1d/96/66/1d966618001d99869797f1e599c6fff6.jpg "style=" border: Medium None;height:auto; "/>

"Data Recovery conclusion"

100% Data Recovery success over an hour

" Data Recovery service Commitment "

free remote detection, Free telephone consultation, free after-sales service
2.  confidentiality agreement with customers, strict confidentiality of customer data   
3.   guaranteed data recovery not successful no charge
4.&NBSP; experienced Professional Engineer to provide services
before data recovery is quoted, the customer acknowledges the consent of the engineer to begin data repair

"Important Reminder "

unit of the database in use, such as the situation of sudden power outage, the probability of database corruption is very large, we recommend that customers back up data in real time.

After the database is damaged, do not blindly repair the process, do the backup before doing other operations.

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SQL2005 Power outage Restart database suspect repair success story

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