sql2008-2012 How to turn on remote connection configuration

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One, remote connection port settings (a key step)
1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager on the server. Select the protocol->TCP/IP for the SQL Server Configuration Manager->sql Server network configuration->mssqlserver, select the IP address->ipall->tcp port in the pop-up dialog box, Set to an available port such as 2568. (The default port of 1433 may not be connected)

Second, open SQL Server Management Studio, and on the database engine, right-click Properties---Security server Authentication mode, configured for SQL Server and Windows authentication modes;
? Right-click on "Facet" on the Database engine, select "Server Configuration" on the right side of the popup dialog and set the "Remoteaccessenabled" property to "True" and click "OK";
? Right-click on "Facet" on the Database engine, select "Surface Area Configurator" on the right side of the popup dialog, set the "Remotedacenable" property to "True", and click "OK";
On the database engine, right-click Properties, and select Restart Database engine.

Third, set the login user name, in the database engine security---login name, create a new user:
1, in the General tab, set the user name and login password;
2, on the Server Role tab, tick public (if you check the sysadmin, the user will have all the database management rights, in the 3rd step without checking the database);
3. On the User Mapping tab, tick the database that allows the user to log in, select the database, and in the Database role membership list below, tick the following options: db_datareader db_datawriter db_ddladmin Public
4. On the Status tab, click Grant, Enable.

Test connection
1, open the SQL login interface, enter the server IP and user name and password. Such as:
Server name:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,2568
User name: XXX
Password: xxxxxx
Point connection, and the result is connected successfully.

sql2008-2012 How to turn on remote connection configuration

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