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2010 10 month 18-22 , sqlserver2005 database management training courses are available in avtech Training classroom , the invitation is avtech senior consulting consultant du teaches . the course is based on actual practice. , Based on the ten-year consulting experience of instructors, , combined with the teaching method created abroad . . Use Cases and stories to guide , integration .

SqlserverManage analysis solutions,It brings reliability to enterprise database management and analysis applications.,EnableSqlserverCreation, deployment, and management,While effectively ensuring the stable operation of your system,It brings you new business value and exciting application experience,SqlserverHelps your enterprise manage any complex data anytime, anywhere.

SqlserverUnified Storage and access of all databases in the enterprise; established and managed sophisticated business intelligence Solutions;Expand the scope of business intelligence Solutions,Make it available to all employees.

Lively course atmosphere,The instructor willSqlserverAll operation difficulties and key points,And through a variety of highly targetedSqlserverLab to consolidate the content,The three days are short.,However, in just three days, the students had extensive technical exchanges.,The teacher answered the difficulties encountered by the students in their actual work.,It also uses some cases to inspire trainees to solve difficult problems..Ended in a heated technical discussion.10MonthSqlserverManagement Training.

AvtechWe are dedicated to providing high-quality training and consulting services for all types of enterprises and institutions.

2010Year12MonthSqlserverTraining CoursesSqlserver2005Manage weekend classes andSqlserver2005Two Management and Development daily classes,The specific time is as follows::

Sqlserver2005Management and Development Training:12Month13-17Day

Sqlserver2005Management training:12Month5,12,19Day

The specific course outline is as follows:


1. Analysis Service
· Create a multidimensional model
· Relationship between fact tables, measurements, and dimension tables of Multi-Dimensional Datasets
· Dimension design (snow star and parent-child latitude)
· Unified dimension model (UDM)
· Data Cube .
· Deploy cube
· Cube computing
· Operation
· Partitioning
· Pivoting
· Translation
· Browser
· Drilling
· Set the relationship between dimensions and measurement groups
· General dimension relationships and definitions
· Reference dimension relationships and definitions
· Fact dimension relationships and definitions
· Multi-to-multi-dimensional relationships and their definitions
· Add computing
· Create computing members
· Create a name set
· Create other script commands
· Define and use KPIs
· KPI Design
· KPI usage
· Enhanced operations
· Configure Access Permissions
· Multi-dimensional dataset Optimization
· Dimension optimization
· Partition Optimization
· MDX multi-dimensional query statement
· Comparison between MDX and SQL
· Basic components of MDX statements
· Member
· Tuples
· Set
· Use of MDX definition statements
· Create subcube
· Create Member
· Use of MDX operation statements
· Drillthrough
· Select
· Use of MDX script statements
· Calculate
· Case
· Scope
· Use with to create a nameset
· Use with to create a computing Member
· Currentmember
· Descendants
· Generate
· Crossjoin
· Nonemptycrossjoin
· Isempty
· Topcount
· SSAs-based business intelligence
· Time intelligence
· Account intelligence
· KPI Analysis
· Data Mining
· Data Mining Algorithm
· DMX statement
2. Reporting Service
· Structure, management, and deployment of Reporting Services
· Web and Windows Services of the Report Server
· Programming Interface
· Report Processor
· Command line Practicality Program
· Report Server Database
· Report Builder
· Report model builder
· Report designer
· Report Manager
· Report Creation
· Create a report
· Parameterized report
· Complex parameterized reports
· Operation report items
· Grouping, sorting, total, and scope of work
· Formatting reports
· Operate multidimensional data sources to implement OLAP reports
· Enable report Builder
· Ad hoc (Ad Hoc Report) Creation
· Management and operations of Reporting Service
· Use deployment options in vs. net
· Use the report manager for deployment
· Use SQL Server Management studio to deploy reports
· Set Report history and snapshots
· Security role settings
· Optimized reports
· Subscribe to reports
· Development of reporting services
· Implement custom embedding
· Create and call a custom Assembly in a report
· Access reports using URLs
· Use Reporting Services Web Services
3. Integration Service
· SSIS task
· Containers and data streams
· Container
· Source
· Purpose
· Script Programming
· Expression
· Script task
· Use. Net assembly
· Handle errors and events
· Priority constraints
· Event processing
· Logging


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