SSRS make report times wrong: Time-out is up. The time-out elapses before the operation completes or the server is not responding.

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Use SSRS to make the report times the following error message:

See the above error the first thought of the solution is to change the configuration and other settings, but found that the changes did not take effect

Changed places such as "timeout value (seconds)/(M)" changed to a very large 99999999 still no effect

I looked it up on the web and changed the following two values.

So, another way of thinking, tracking backstage SQL to see exactly what is executing

I executed a code similar to the following in my report.

exec @begtime ,@endtime-- The content is not pasted, because the result set to be computed is over billion and it takes a few minutes to run the SP SELECT   [ C1]  ,[C2] ,[c3] ,[c4] from Test1

Open SQL Server Profiler (will not be used can Baidu next here to the link:

After the 1.SQL Server Profiler is turned on, click on the "Refresh Fields" button

2. Do not lose parameters, direct run Click OK

3. View SQL Server Profiler

4. If the problem seems clear, this thing is pre-executing the code.

That can be done from this point to modify the code, the following is a reference, the idea is to let the empty parameters of the case can both get the field, but also by pre-execution

For example, write the following style

IF ISNULL(@begtime,"')= "'    OR ISNULL(@endtime,"')= "'    BEGIN        SELECT  [C1] ,                [C2] ,                [C3] ,                [C4]         fromTest1;--We have to get him to find the field, or the result set dataset won't be out of the field .        RETURN; END;ELSE    BEGIN        EXECSp_dm_test@begtime,@endtime;--There are three logic 1.truncate table Test1 2 in the stored procedure. Calculated result set 3. Calculated results inserted test1        SELECT  [C1] ,                [C2] ,                [C3] ,                [C4]         fromtest1; END;

OK, it's nice to click on the Refresh field button. Problem solving.


1. Tracking SQL pre-execution in the background

2. Try to modify the logic to meet the null parameters in the case of both the field can be obtained, but also by the pre-execution allowed length.

SSRS make report times wrong: Time-out is up. The time-out elapses before the operation completes or the server is not responding.

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