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Today, I am studying the stack and queue in Chapter 4. I tried to compile a small program with matching parentheses. In the past, when I was in my sophomore year, when I learned the data structure, the teacher asked me to compile such a program, but at that time it was a C language. I feel that I have a certain understanding of object-oriented, and it takes more than two hours to complete the compilation and debugging. In the past, it seems that I spent almost all night.

However, I feel that my abilities still need to be improved.

The Code is as follows:

Import java. util .*;

Public class stacktest {

Public static void main (string ARGs []) {


// Enter the detection variable and create necessary parameters

System. Out. println ("input :");

Pipeline SC = new pipeline (system. In );

String word = SC. Next ();

Int size = word. Length (); // The maximum value of size. All input values may be in parentheses.

Stack stack = new stack (size );

Bracketchecker bracket = new bracketchecker ();


// Stack entry

For (INT I = 0; I <size; I ++ ){

Bracket. setinput (word. charat (I ));

If (bracket. checktype ()){

If (bracket. checkpush () stack. Push (bracket. Input );


If (bracket. checkpop (stack. Peek () stack. Pop ();

Else {

System. Out. println ("error:" + bracket. Input + "at" + I );

System. Exit (-1 );




If (stack. Empty ())

System. Out. println ("correct! ");


System. Out. println ("error! The stack isn' t empty ");




Class Stack {

Private int maxsize;

Private char [] stackarray;

Private int top;


Stack (INT size ){

This. maxsize = size;

Stackarray = new char [maxsize];

Top =-1;



// Output Stack

Public char POP (){

Return (stackarray [top --]);



// Stack entry

Public void push (char input ){

Stackarray [++ top] = input;



// View

Public char PEEK (){

Return (stackarray [Top]);



// Whether it is null

Public Boolean empty (){

Return (Top =-1 );




Class bracketchecker {

Char input;


Bracketchecker (){



// Input parameter input

Public void setinput (char input ){

This. Input = input;



// Determine whether it is a stack-related type

Public Boolean checktype (){

Switch (input ){

Case '{':

Case '}':

Case '[':

Case ']':

Case '(':

Case ')': Return true;

Default: Return false;




// Determine whether to import data to the stack

Public Boolean checkpush (){

Switch (input ){

Case '{':

Case '[':

Case '(': Return true;

Default: Return false;




// Determine whether a stack exists

Public Boolean checkpop (char lastsymbol ){

If (lastsymbol = '{' & input = '}') return true;

If (lastsymbol = '[' & input = ']') return true;

If (lastsymbol = '(' & input = ') return true;

Return false;




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