Stars Cool Dog Star coin can be brushed?

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Looked at the watch, waited for more than 10 minutes, saw a man from the opposite building came out. Ning smiled and smiled, then flew across the road, followed by the man behind.
Liang's stature is tall and straight, looks at least also has 1.85-meter, walks on the road, is extremely conspicuous, and adds the outstanding appearance, is also like the natural luminous body to attract the person.
But these Ning smiled not to notice, again handsome man, character bad, she also can't see. "Liang!" "Better smile and shout loudly."
Liang just subconsciously turned around and then was a swing kick on his handsome face. The time that fell on the ground was only a second, and the people on the road were shocked.
Liang More is dumbfounded, do not know where this girl from come out also reward oneself a foot, now face a sink stand up, imposing force people look at her.
Was about to ask who the crazy woman was, considering whether to sue her for an intentional assault.
But did not think, the next moment, the girl is flapping over, clutching his arm against him and kicking and beating and crying again: "You this damned ungrateful Han, with a new love, forget the old loves!" "" The Ungrateful Han!   She gave a slap at the end of his dumbfounded. Ning smiled at the sight of his own time, a bit on the thought up, this man, she saw in financial reports, is a big boss, and, there is a fiancee, just engaged.
Hum! Liang in her third slap, grabbed her by the hand, a counter-system put her on the car, Cold channel: "Crazy woman, what are you talking about?" ”
Ning smile always with his fist proud, but just when he shot, he knew, this time he kicked to the iron plate.
The heart is not good, but still die with face. Hum the channel: "I say you an ungrateful Han fickle the thing!" "Liang vowed that he had never been so scolded in his life, plus the person pointing at the point, his face was gloomy and horrible."
I was a crazy woman to fight, but also scold a meal, if not give her some color, he is not Liang. Swept the eye next to gloat has been watching the play of friends and subordinates Zhong Tianxing.
Then the eyes sweep to the girl under the body, a slap face, heroic spirit of eyebrows, bright big eyes are flashing anger staring at themselves, rich lips because of anger and a one-off, pretty red short hair as the sky red clouds.
This is a beautiful and full of wild little lion.
Liang hook up the lip, make her hand change to hug in her waist, pull out a touch of cold and charming smile: "Baby, I was wrong, I will not bully you again." ”
Better smile smile stare big eyes, want to struggle, waist of big palm but like steel as a prison, let her move, look at this man more and more near face, can't help but smoked a mouth air-conditioning, this, this person want to do?
Liang without warning to kiss her soft lips, warm and soft touch is so true, Liang just want to punish this little girl, but did not think, in the moment of touching the lips, the heart was a throbbing.
Ning smile can't believe, oneself unexpectedly in the street was a strange man kiss!   Her first kiss! "Wow, they are really good match!"   "Passers-by saw this scene, a face touched to say." "Yes, I see the way they quarrel, lovely, oh, should have been good!"   "Passers-by B also made a speech.   Ning smile Angry red Eye, ghost of match, these people blind off, obviously is this smelly man in strong kiss oneself Ah!   The first trick to prevent wolves! Better laugh and laugh at the knee, toward the top of Liang crotch.

Stars Cool Dog Star coin can be brushed?

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