Start Huawei Switch configuration backup menu boot menu to restore switch data

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Start the boot menu of the Huawei Switch configuration backup menu to restore switch data. Now, Huawei Switch configuration backup technology is gaining attention. Some people may not know what the Huawei Switch configuration backup is. It doesn't matter, after reading the following parameters, you will become an expert.

In reality, we can also use another method to achieve the backup and recovery of the Huawei Switch configuration, that is, start the menu boot menu to restore the switch data. First connect to the switch through the console line, and then immediately press CTRL and B after "press CTRL-B to enter boot menu" appears on the page after the switch power is started.

Because the "press CTRL-B to enter boot menu" display time is very short, if there is no timely button will jump directly to the normal start Huawei Switch configuration backup steps, when Decompress Image is displayed, we press CTRL + B ).

Figure 1

If you press CTRL + B in time, the "BOOT MENU" will be displayed. There are multiple options available for us to choose from, if you want to restore the previously saved flash configuration file to the switch, select "1, download application file to flash" to download the application file to flash) 2 ).

Figure 2

We can choose to configure the backup method for the Huawei switch based on the four options that appear next.
◆ Set TFTP protocol parameters to Set TFTP Server Information)
◆ Set FTP protocol parameters to Set FTP Server Information)
◆ Set XMODEM protocol parameters to Set XMODEM Information)
◆ Return to the main menu)

For example, if I select 1 to restore data through TFTP, you only need to follow the Wizard to add the address of the TFTP server and the name of the file to be restored. If you select 2 to recover data through FTP, you need to set the FTP server address, logon username, password, and file name to be restored. 3 ).

Figure 3

TIPS: No matter which method is used to recover data, we need to establish the corresponding TFTP service and FTP service on another computer in advance. In this way, switch data can be restored smoothly.

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