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appearance is a blend of several generations of products

Although there is no touch bar, the entry version of the new MacBook looks nothing different from the version with Touch Bar. The entire new MacBook series released today can be seen as an accumulation and synthesis of Apple's products in recent years. Their appearance is the previous MacBook Pro Series + 12-inch MacBook fit: No longer shiny polished metal logos, integrated metal hinges, narrower borders, and even the words "MacBook" underneath the screen feel familiar.

Everyone likes a thin notebook. Because of the thin, new MacBook sacrificed something, there are some positive advances, such as a more beautiful metal shaft and a narrower screen frame; there are some things that don't matter, like the MacBook on the bottom of the screen; and some, you can't tell what it's for, but you can't help it, Such a representative is undoubtedly glowing Apple logo, from a technical point of view, it is not only the external "loading X" is not very useful, but when one day, really did not, and will always feel less something.

The new MacBook feels lighter, with a weight of 1.37 kg, close to the 1.35 kg 13-inch MacBook Air. With deep air ash and metallic silver, this black and white ratio of 12-inch MacBook rose gold and champagne gold, seems to herald its positioning: a professional use of professional computer, rather than the entertainment of the fashion person.

The butterfly keyboard is not that hard, but it still needs to be adapted.

For thin, an important improvement is the keyboard.

When the 12-inch MacBook was released, Apple specifically designed the "butterfly Keyboard", which was under the X-shaped support structure, but for the sake of thinness, it sacrificed its feel.

The new MacBook, released today, uses a second-generation butterfly keyboard, with a single area larger, with a separate LED light below, not as leaky as the old keyboard. It is still a full-size keyboard, the visual key is 1.5 mm, a little bit deeper than the 12 inch, feel a little softer, but if with Apple for many years of chocolate keyboard than, the first use still feel blunt, need to adapt.

The new MacBook's trackpad is one-fold bigger than it was before, and Apple doesn't seem to like the mouse, but it has a unique touch-control panel, a big touch, and a positive effect on the operation.

New and old MacBook Pro (13 with 15 inch) keyboard style contrast in addition, Apple has made a little bit of detail on the keyboard for China, such as a Chinese-English switch on the capital key, a period in Chinese, and so on, and the details are mainly to take care of the novice who first contacted the MacBook.

The Chinese key label tray signals the new MacBook to move the speakers to the keyboard (the actual position is a little lower), which is a slight change in the body cavity. The sound is much louder than before, with about 70% of the volume already catching up to 15-inch pro 100%, with a more high-pitched tone.

New MacBook Speaker structure interface less Apple push usb-c

Apple has chosen usb-c for its own notebook to become the future. The entry-level 13-inch new MacBook has two usb-c connectors, 15-inch versions with 4, plus a 3.5-millimeter headset.

Usb-c is the most controversial point of today's release, after all, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to people, you have to buy it a separate root wiring.

Last year, when we were evaluating the 12-inch MacBook, we talked about the interface, and Apple did too much of the same thing, each time from being scolded and forced to change (or set up) an industry standard. They kill the floppy drive, kill the optical drive, kill the network cable mouth, kill the mechanical hard drive, yes, and the unlucky flash ...

Apple's decision to kill Usb-a (the USB port we're now familiar with) started with a 12-inch MacBook last year, and if it was just a rehearsal, it was real and fast and aggressive.

In the press conference, Phil Schiller said a lot of usb-c benefits, such as the pros and cons, Thunderbolt 3 transmission data very fast, any one mouth can give a MacBook charge, etc., for the 15-inch version, it can even connect two 5K display output image, Another two RAID systems read or write data, and this demo shows Pro's dreaded professional ability.

Professionals are excited to see this, an interface at the same time to fix the charge, large-capacity data input and output, but also high bandwidth image output, is definitely a tool for the work, but for the general user, this change means a short period of all kinds of inconvenience, especially anxious meeting, holding a U disk can not plug in. To myself, the humanized MagSafe magnetic suction is not the most worried.

This is the discomfort and pain of industry standard change, and if the new MacBook is accepted, it must be adapted to carry the root wiring to help Apple achieve a new standard, which is expected to last for two years. If you don't accept it, it doesn't really work.

Changing the rules of the game or industry standards is something big companies can do, and Apple has always been strong in this respect.

Those unseen improvements.

Intel's latest 7 Daicouri Kaby Lake Processor was not shipped until July, and it was a little pity that the new MacBook didn't catch up.

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