Starting from server construction (iii). server application example (HP ProLiant DL)

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Starting from server construction (iii). server application example (HP ProLiant DL)

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I. Build a platform

HP ProLiant dl380 G5

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Ii. FAQs about hardware configuration

Problem 1: The system cannot perform self-check and the memory indicator is on

Cause: the memory pin is not in close contact with the motherboard. Just plug it in.

Problem 2: Memory slot C error prompted on the system self-check Screen

Cause: the server is a dual-channel memory slot, which must be arranged according to the memory slot of the motherboard

Problem 3: boot self-check, Hard Drive indicator light is not on

Cause: Make sure the contact is tight and the hard drive positions are arranged in the correct positions.

Problem 4: hard disks cannot be found in the operating system

Cause: ensure that the operating system supports SCSI and the disk array is divided by the built-in smart software CD.

Iii. installation and configuration of RedHat Linux Enterprise Edition

A. Prerequisites

After the accessories are installed, you must first check the hardware configurations and attach the existing disk to the smart device.
Column division. After completing raid, you can install the operating system. However, earlier Linux versions cannot
If the SCSI driver is found, no hard disk is displayed during installation.

B. System CD

There are also many Linux versions to download on the Internet. If you want to burn, we recommend that you use the Nero CD copy,
It can ensure that the optical track can be completely copied to avoid boot failure of the burned disk.

C. Hard Disk partitioning

After raid is complete, it can be understood as an entire hard disk. Manual partitioning is recommended during the installation process,
The swap capacity is about two parts of the actual memory, and the rest depends on the specific requirements. For example, this server mainly
Used for database services:

Swap 10240 M swap Partition
/10240 M operating system ext3
/Oracle 10240 m for Oracle Installation ext3
/Data... used for Oracle storage ext3

D. component selection

We recommend that you install all functions as much as possible. The GCC, FTP, telnet, TPD, xdm, and other functions of the server are very important.

E. Install

According to the menu prompt, after processing the above process, you can copy the file. If no
If you are prompted to configure an IP address, the NIC needs another driver. Normally, copy the file and restart it to go to Linux.
System. (If there are occasional RP problems that cannot be started, most of them use pirated disks and inferior engraved disks, and they must be re-launched.
Installation, do not repair the disc)

G. Nic installation and configuration

Generally, the NIC of the server needs to be installed separately. You can download the latest Linux driver from the driver of the corresponding brand,
Detailed installation instructions will be provided, such:

File Name: bnx2-1.4.52d-1.src.rpm
Title: HP nc-series multifunction driver for Linux
Version: 1.4.52d
Language: English
Category: Software Solutions
Divisions: enterprise and mainstream servers
Products affected:
HP nc370x Gigabit server adapter
HP nc371x Gigabit server adapter
HP nc373x Gigabit server adapter
HP nc374x Gigabit server adapter
HP nc0000x Gigabit server adapter

The above is the NIC Driver of the hp nc series. The following describes the procedure:

1. Check the kernel source code
Verify the source code/usr/src/Linux-<kernel-version> directory exists.

2. Install the RPM source code package
Install the source RPM package.

3. Compile the RPM binary driver package, that is, the Final Driver
Build the binary rpm for the bnx2 driver.

4. Confirm that bnx2 is not installed and bnx 2 RPM package is installed
Install the new RPM package. This INSTALLThe bnx2 driver.

5. Configure the network. Normally, complete step 4 and generate the corresponding configuration on the graphic interface of the network.
Profile. If this parameter is not set, it is acceptable.
(/Usr/bin/system-config-network or setup or ifconfig ...)
Configure your network setting and address.

6. This step is important. Configure modprobe. conf to ensure the following:
Alias eth0 bnx2
Alias eth1 bnx2
There are two identical NICs, so two NICs are configured. If there are multiple NICs, follow these steps. After restart
System-config-network appears automatically.

Here, we need to make it possible to stop network-related services before the network configuration is successful, as shown in
Sendmail, etc. If the driver cannot be started properly after installation, it will always be stuck in the Network
Related services.

Iv. server application configuration


This Protocol is very secure. After the system is installed, you can directly start the service: Service sshd start,
Use securecrt to directly select the SSH1 protocol in the/etc/ssh configuration file.
Name and password authentication.

B. Telnet

Enterprise Edition Telnet for krb5-telnet, attached to the xinetd service, will/etc/xinetd. d/krb5-telnet
The Disable of is set to No. Restart xinetd to enable the telnet service. By default, root is not allowed
User logon. Service xinetd restart. If logon is slow
Comment out the nameserver.
[Root @ localhost etc] # Cat resolv. conf
Search localdomain
# Nameserver

The same is true for personal RedHat Linux telnet, which is also attached to the xinetd service and configured
The file is/etc/xinetd. d/telnet.

C. gssftp

Here we will talk about less-used gssftp, and gssftp is also attached to the xinetd service, the configuration file is
/Etc/xinetd. d/gssftp, set disable to no and server_args to-L.
Enable. Gssftp is also an FTP tool that comes with RedHat Enterprise Edition.

# Default: Off
# Description: The specified FTP Server accepts FTP connections/
# That can be authenticated with Kerberos 5.
Service ftp
Disable = No
Flags = Reuse
Socket_type = stream
Wait = No
User = root
Server =/usr/Kerberos/sbin/ftpd
Server_args =-l
# Server_args =-l-
Log_on_failure + = userid

D. vsftp
Recommended, called very safe ftp. The main configuration file is:/etc/vsftpd
/Etc/vsftpd. ftpusers/etc/vsftpd. user_list is mainly used for user access control.
We recommend that you set userlist_deny = yes. After changing the configuration of service vsftpd restart, you can.

E. Gestation

Remote Desktop Connection is very useful. The gdmconfig configuration is simple and fast to connect.
/Usr/sbin/gdmconfig. Pay attention to the last XDMCP. select it. For configuration files, see
/Etc/X11/TPD. Use xmanager (recommended tool for remote Linux connection in Windows) xbrowser
You can.

F. xdm

Remote Desktop Connection is slow, which is not recommended for use compared with the running of the target machine group.
To enable xdm, first Modify/etc/X11/xdm-config and set the last line
Change displaymanager. requestport: 0
! Displaymanager. requestport: 0 enables xdm to listen to the connection of XDMCP.
# * # Any host can get a login window
* # Any host can get a login window to relax the connection restrictions.

Run xdm in the command line and connect it with xmanager.

G. Samba

Network sharing tool. Generally, the smbmount function is provided in RedHat to directly access windows.
. Linux-based configuration is easy. Configuration method:
First, a Linux User, such as smbvisitor, should be created separately for Samba network access.
Create a user access mechanism and set access folders. Restart the samba service.

Important: beginners can use graphical tools for configuration in conjunction with the relevant man manual. Learn more
The meaning of the configuration file.


V. Summary

The above lists some experiences in server construction and some common services. Meeting is not difficult, difficult

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