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The Group's "Youth Venture Capital" was successful. A younger brother in the Department won the award and spoke as a representative of the company. So the younger brother began to make a full speech, make a PPT, and present a rehearsal, modify the PPT and statement, and modify the wording ..... Busy.

I suddenly found myself lost interest in this matter, not as enthusiastic as I strongly recommended him to apply for an award. This change can also be seen by the younger brother, so in the recent period, he was busy with him and I was busy with me. I just helped him plan the basic outline and tone of his speech, and made some comments and corrections on his presentation.


Yesterday afternoon, the younger brother had returned to Jinan for a rehearsal and received a political review. The winners of another department came to me and hoped that I could give some ideas and suggestions on her speech. I can understand her. As a developer, after three years of entry into the company, apart from the bug change, it is the development of new functions, or the change. If you have the opportunity to go on a business trip to the project, it would be better to have more experience to enrich your materials. If you have been working in the background for research and development, there is really not much to write. Just as Xiao Ming and Xiao hongbang say "No thanks, we are young pioneers" after pulling a car to the top of the hill. The background R & D experience is often overtime, overtime, and bug change, to cope with emergencies, stick to work with illness, and cannot reunite with family members.

There is another reason: the technical staff's writing is usually dry, and their own growth experience and performance are like a journal, for fear that others do not know how much work they have done in the past few years, however, people who just listen to ta often have no idea about the technology. Listening to the tasks listed by TA is like listening to tianshu.


The younger brother sent me the result of political review, and I gave him a sentence: "Long live, long live, Comrade Mao Zedong, the helm of the great mentor revolution ", in that crazy-to-extreme cultural revolution, those who shouted better than anyone, what kind of embarrassing ideas were in their minds, and what kind of mean actions were in their hands, there are countless cases in film and TV works. At the same time I replied, I understood why I was no longer interested in "Fund:

I am afraid that this "fake big empty" environment will lead the younger brother to lose his way and stop doing things that he should stick to, so that there will be less down-to-earth people in the world, there is another guy with a mouth full of trains. Although I understand that this kind of thing is inevitable, there will be more and fewer people in a department, company, and country, and fewer people who are steadfast in doing things, it will become more and more difficult to have a practical environment. I don't want to be fooled, but I want someone to be able to do things with ease. Although it is unrealistic to make everyone do things practically, it may not be a good thing to make everyone fooled.


Not long ago, someone came to me and asked me to tell their customers how good their configuration management, unit testing, code review, and requirement management processes were, this is a ridiculous thing. I am tired of such a day when an outsider like me wants to compile stories for customers, it's not their accomplices, not their speakers. You can say something you don't have. A few years ago, I was willing to help him with this lie, because I thought they would make up for the expected homework in the future. As a result, I was wrong, this fire-fighting work does not have any impact on their fire-fighting measures. Instead, it can remove more links and contents.


In the words of a friend, people like me cannot become big tools. To tell the truth, I really don't have the desire to become such a big machine. If we say that the big machine is achieved by sacrificing the interests of several people, let me be a solid and horned paving stone.


Finally, let's talk about the tone of the statement that helped him sort out. The reason why the Group has made such great effort to build a young venture capital is to put its reserve Echelon on the right track, why should we build a backup Echelon? To save the trouble.

From the software company's point of view, it is a good foothold, it is also good to think about problems with a fashionable word that is the scientific concept of development.

From the perspective of the quality department, security is not a good thing. It should be prevented to cope with the crisis in the coming year.

From an individual's point of view, being at risk is a kind of consciousness improvement. The transition from bowing your head to pulling your car and looking up your head shows that you are growing and mature.


Therefore, I would like to thank the country and the group for their thanks to the Department and colleagues. The conclusion of this presentation is also coming.

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