Starting from the Zero Foundation Learning CCNA learning experience Vomiting Blood summary

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0 Basic words first to choose "CCNA Study Guide", simulator must be installed, unless there is a device can actually take the environment. "TCP/IP Routing technology" is too early, after the exam CCNP later. If you really want to know more about it, you can learn a bit. CCNA, who had just begun to learn, read that the book was basically a Bible-class.

In addition, it is better to look at the basic Books of computer network, I was looking at the Cheich still "computer network." If you want to learn a solid, first look at the computer network and then see CCNA. If the time is more urgent, first see CCNA also line, then the computer network inside select part of content to look again. Choose suitable for 0 basic Learning Network learners, which is characterized by the addition of a large number of project case analysis, the NA technology and practical projects combined analysis and use, theory and practice.

1. OSI and Application

The current situation and development of network, introduce the network planning idea, the standard OSI model and application of technology and product combination

2\CCNA2-IP planning and practical operation.

IPV4 address planning and calculation methods, application of VLSM and CIDR technology in projects, and implementation of specific operations

3, Spanning tree formation, convergence and the relationship between virtual local area network.

The switch environment of the campus network, the two-tier application of the engineering site, the principle of spanning tree protocol, the operation steps and convergence, the actual optimization method and the demonstration. The relationship between spanning tree and VLAN.

4. Inter-VLAN Routing _1

VLAN planning approach, the role of trunk Road protocol 802.1Q and ISL protocol, the same inter-VLAN communication, pvst optimization scheme and fast spanning tree protocol.

5. Inter-VLAN Routing _2

The method of communication between different VLANs, the implementation of one-arm routing and inter-VLAN communication, the experiment operation technique and the method of debugging.

6. Static Route _1

The need of campus network expansion, the application of routing technology, the application environment and operation of static routing.

7. Static Route _2

The advantages and disadvantages of static routing, routing optimization methods, dynamic routing improvements.

8, the use of routes in the border

Static and dynamic routing interoperability optimizes boundary traffic, load balancing, and redundancy features.

9. Dynamic Route Rip

Distance vector characteristics, rip loop generation and avoidance methods, horizontal segmentation, triggering updates, etc.

10. Dynamic Routing Eigrp

EIGRP's algorithm Dual,as extensibility, has the class and the non-class characteristic, the route summary method, the manual summary and the automatic summary, the three big database forms.

11. Dynamic routing of OSPF

OSPF algorithm SPF principle, the three major database formation process and content, neighbor relations and convergence methods.

12. Access control lists and applications

Types of access control lists, standard, extended ACL control traffic, access control strategy logic ideas, usage methods and configurations, etc.

13. Nat and Border policies

Network address translation mode, static conversion, dynamic conversion, port conversion of different applications, how to achieve the application of internal and external NAT, to achieve load balancing or shunt security policies.

14. WAN Technology and PPP protocol

Remote access to Wideband technology, PPP protocol LCP and NCP functions, LCP PAP and CHAP authentication methods, etc.

15. Frame Relay and VTP technology

The Frame Relay environment constructs the method, the GNS simulator uses the technique, complements the VTP technology, 3 big mode difference and the function, the concrete experiment operation and so on.

16, wireless network and Ipv6

Wireless network technology 802.11 standard specifications, the deployment and implementation of wireless networks, thin AP and the use of fat AP. Ipv6 address of the concept, structure, address mode, EUI-64 addresses structure characteristics, such as experimental concrete operation demonstration.

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Starting from the Zero Foundation Learning CCNA learning experience Vomiting Blood summary

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