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Because of the differences between the search engine's ASPX page indexing and HTML page indexing rates and the problems with page resource usage, we often need to implement dynamic and static conversion of aspx pages. There are also many people on the Internet

To discuss the implementation method, I will summarize the following two mainstream methods:

Method 1:
To use template conversion, follow these steps:
1. Create a myconvert. CS File
Using system;
// Remember to add the following three references
Using system. text;
Using system. Web;
Using system. IO;
Namespace tesconvert
/// <Summary>
/// Summary of myconvert.
/// </Summary>
Public class myconvert
Public myconvert ()
// Todo: add the constructor logic here
Public bool writefile (string strtext, string strcontent, string strauthor)
String Path = httpcontext. Current. server. mappath ("/tesconvert/news/"); // defines the HTML file storage path
Encoding code = encoding. getencoding ("gb2312"); // defines the text encoding.
// Read the Template File
String temp = httpcontext. Current. server. mappath ("/tesconvert/text.html ");
Streamreader sr = NULL;
Streamwriter Sw = NULL;
String STR = "";
Sr = new streamreader (temp, Code );
STR = Sr. readtoend (); // read the file
Catch (exception exp)
Httpcontext. Current. response. Write (exp. Message );
Httpcontext. Current. response. End ();
Sr. Close ();
String htmlfilename = path + datetime. Now. tostring ("yyyymmddhhmmss") + ". html ";
// Replace content
// At this time, the template file has been read into the variable named STR
STR = Str. Replace ("showarticle", strtext); // showarticle on the template page
STR = Str. Replace ("title", strtext );
STR = Str. Replace ("content", strcontent );
STR = Str. Replace ("author", strauthor );
// Write an object
Sw = new streamwriter (htmlfilename, false, Code );
Sw. Write (STR );
Sw. Flush ();
Catch (exception ex)
Httpcontext. Current. response. Write (ex. Message );
Httpcontext. Current. response. End ();
Sw. Close ();
Return true;
2. testnews. aspx file:
Three buttons and textbox are added: tbx_title, tbx_content, tbx_author, and a button: btn_addnews.
Testnews. aspx. CS File
Private void btn_addnews_click (Object sender, system. eventargs E)
Myconvert hover = new myconvert ();

If (hover. writefile (this. txb_title.text.tostring (), server. htmldecode (this. txb_content.value), this. txb_author.text.tostring ()))
Response. Write ("added successfully ");
Response. Write ("An error occurred while generating HTML! ");
32.16.html template text.html File
<Head> showarticle <Body>
Title <br/>
Content <br/>
Note: 1. The news folder must grant the write permission to the user. This is a simple implementation example. The actual project must first save the data to the database

The URL of the HTML file under the database. 2. By default, we cannot add HTML syntax to textbox or textarea. the config file must be modified.

<System. Web> Add <pages validaterequest = "false"/> below, but in this case, HTML tags can be entered in the entire project, and other parties are unknown.
Disadvantage: This method is not flexible enough to use httpmodule to change the page content before response after generates all the page content and performs operations on the page content before the output content.

, It is more labor-intensive to modify response in each line.

Method 2:
Rewriting attributecollection. Render is more flexible (msdn says: "In the rendering phase, all ASP. NET mobile device adapters use an object called a text writer

To write their output. The text writer object is created from the textwriter base class .")
You can write a base class, such:
Public class basepage: system. Web. UI. Page
Public basepage ()
Protected override void render (system. Web. UI. htmltextwriter writer)
String name = request. url. absolutepath. substring (1, request. url. absolutepath. Length-1). Replace ("aspx", "htm ");
String newurl = "";
If (name. indexof ("/")> 0)
Newurl = server. mappath ("../") + name;
Newurl = server. mappath ("./") + name;
Memorystream MS = new memorystream ();
Streamwriter sww = new streamwriter (MS );
Streamwriter SWR = new streamwriter (newurl );
System. Web. UI. htmltextwriter htmlw = new htmltextwriter (SWR );
Base. Render (htmlw );
Htmlw. Flush ();
Htmlw. Close ();
String strll = system. Text. encoding. utf8.getstring (Ms. toarray ());
Response. Write (strll );
Response. Redirect (request. url. absoluteuri. Replace ("aspx", "htm"), true );
Then inherit from the page where you want to generate a static page.

Note: This method is to perform another conversion after the generation is complete.
Disadvantage: I think it should be An ASPX page with frequent post operations.

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