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Mantis used by the test department is a lightweight open-source defect tracking system. The statistical functions in the system are not very detailed and comprehensive. To improve the bug information statistics, to facilitate the leaders to understand the comprehensive situation of various stages of each project, we used the tianbo report software to make statistics on the bug information reports of the Mantis system.

Project Introduction

Mantis is a PHP/MySQL/Web-based information statistics system. Therefore, tianbo reports support the MySQL database function. Therefore, the corresponding reports are obtained and displayed by connecting to the MySQL database, this fully demonstrates that the Qingtian tianbo report software provides a more integrated report data collection and sorting strategy than the traditional report software.

Use process of tianbo report software

As an advanced general report software product, tianbo report software is easy to use. Now, we will explain the "Monthly report on all project bugs" in this system as an example.

Step 1: Design the report style. Open the integrated design environment for tianbo reports and design a report style based on the report style provided by the customer. The design interface is as follows.

Step 2: design the report data source. Because it is a MySQL database, you need to change the database connection settings, and then enter the data source design interface, set the data fields required for the report in the list. The procedure is as follows.

On the data source design page, click "load database structure" and select "analyze database structure". In the displayed dialog box, click "change ",

Because access is used by default, we select "MySQL Database" and "data provisionProgram"Is automatically set to" MYSQL client provider ", as shown in the following two figures.

Click "OK", and "connection attribute" appears. Enter the corresponding content and click "OK.

Set the data source.


Step 3: Use reports. In the Form Designer of vs. net2005, drag the report control to the design interface and perform some simple attribute settings.

Step 4: CompileCodeLoad the report template, connect to the database, and execute and display the report. The Code is as follows. It can be seen that the use of the tianbo report software in C # is very simple. Load the report template file, connect to the database, set the report parameters, and then execute the display report.

/// <Summary>

///Show report data


PrivateVoidRefreshreport (StringYear,StringMonth)


Databasereportbuilder =New Databasereportbuilder();

If (builder. Load (This. Server. mappath ("~ /Reports/summarymonthbug. xrp")))


Using (IdbconnectionConn =Summaryyearbug. Createdbconnection ())


Builder. dbconnection = conn;

Builder. setvariable ("Years", year );

Builder. setvariable ("Months", month );

If (builder. Refresh ())


This. xreportwebcontrol1.document = builder. reportdocument;

//The refreshview function of the report web control does not have any function, just to work with the report winform Control

//The refreshview functions of are consistent to facilitate the transplantation of program code between B/S and C/S systems.

This. xreportwebcontrol1.refreshview ();


Conn. Close ();

}// Using

}// If



This completes the development of a complex report. The actual running effect of the report is as follows:


In the development of this system, we used similar steps to develop 8 report functions. From this case, we personally felt that Qingtian tianbo report software has the following advantages:

Powerful database support to process complex data sources. The tianbo report software provides the exclusive multi-level report data source technology, and the latest support for MySQL databases. It is easy to use in the production of large multi-data source reports, so that low-level junior developers and system implementers can independently prepare reports after some training, effectively reducing the development costs of our company.

Use of graphic elements. In the process of developing reports, most of the charts (bar charts and graphs in this example) are displayed. The graphic elements are easy to operate, practical, and reasonable, improved user experience. In addition, you do not need to program the report template preparation process. In this way, even if you are faced with a large number of complex reports, you can sort out your ideas based on the design philosophy of tianbo reports to quickly get started and shorten the development time, this greatly reduces the project development cost, which is also the fundamental goal of tianbo report.

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