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Implement custom Workflow (1)-Create a workflow in VS


In this series of articles, the author describes how to design a Workflow using the Workflow designer from SharePoint Designer 2007. In fact, the designer has been able to design very complex workflow.

However, in practical applications, we still do not have the means to be satisfied with the use of off-the-shelf those workflow, then, can we use vs 2005 to write a custom workflow, and then call in SharePoint Designer 2007?

The answer is yes. Here, I will explain how to implement a custom workflow.

For simplicity's sake, the author only designs a workflow that writes one file and then calls it in SharePoint Designer 2007. After realizing this simple workflow, friends can naturally try more complex custom workflow.

It is worth noting that to complete this section, you will need to install the visual Studio Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.2 (EN).


To give friends a clearer idea of the steps to implement custom workflow in SharePoint, this article will be split into four small sections, the first part of which is to create a workflow in VS, the second to set configuration files, and the third to explain Designer to create a workflow, the last part to explain the running workflow. Therefore, for all the inconvenience of reading, please Haihan:

This article describes the first part of implementing a custom workflow--Creating a workflow in vs.

The procedures for each step are recorded below.

1, first open vs 2005, create a new Workflow activity Library project, the project named Eallies.Workflow.Demo.

If you have installed the visual Studio Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.2, you can find a folder named Workflow under the project type.

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