Step by Step SharePoint 2007 One: Installing SharePoint

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Oh, how to install SharePoint, it may be for many people is a piece of cake, but as a way to record my learning process, I still need to record it.

In subsequent articles, I will publish every process I learn about SharePoint. I hope you can give us encouragement. I study SharePoint also only 1 weeks of time, if there is anything wrong in the article, please be sure to put forward to facilitate my correction.

If you have any problems in the process of learning SharePoint can not be solved, please put forward, we can work together to solve, and then published.


Installing SharePoint first requires very demanding conditions. Therefore, I hope your machine performance can be high enough, generally speaking, CPU please do not less than 2.0G, memory please do not less than 1G. Many friends like to use a laptop or virtual machine to install, of course, but the waiting process may erase your experience of SharePoint passion:

1. Install Microsoft Windows 2003.

2. If you do not have a domain server in your working environment, upgrade your Windows to a domain server. How to upgrade to a domain server, please check the relevant articles on the Internet:

3, install Microsoft SQL Server 2005, preferably English version:)

4, install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, of course, preferably English version:)

5, then the most easily forgotten link: Install Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation 2.2 version.

6, of course, don't forget to install Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

Now that Microsoft has not allowed to download the Bata version of the Office series for free, I hope that the comrades who have previously been downloaded can carry forward the great spirit of sharing and provide some seeds to download:

The installation process for each step is recorded below.

1, start the installation interface, welcome!

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