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Recently I want to write an article like this, I want to sum up all the common and not commonly used methods of promotion. Analyze how to build a High-traffic site in the short term. Yesterday in the company wrote a preface, but the company's security system is too strong, more than 200 words can not be issued. So ready to tidy up again, in addition to the foreword part, but also to be divided into the first, the second, the total plan to write ten words. A part of the promotion methods are commonly used, and the other part of their own summary and be overlooked by everyone. I speak of content, can be called "actual combat drills", take a traffic for 0 of the site three months to do 100,000 IP to see, but I can only use up to one hours a day, because other time is used to promote and planning. (written in 2005-11-18)

Sorry to have kept you waiting. Now, I'm going to write it. Because every day to spend a lot of time in the promotion of the site, write this post, can only spend a little time every day, but I will be a day to add a little bit more slowly to write it more rich, write well, please criticize.

Recently listen to a lot of webmaster friends talking about how to manage the flow of the problem. They also have their own understanding and methods for promotion. Let me first sum up the most commonly used methods of stationmaster. I have the common methods of webmaster are divided into the following categories:

1. Forum: This is the most webmaster promotion methods, send some of their website content related to the major forums, as well as the hot post of the "sofa" and the bench, there is the signature and so on. A webmaster proudly told me, he built every new station, the first thing is to find the Forum Web site Encyclopedia, a day to register more than 50 forums, because now many forums have set up a new user posting time, until the final forum registration success, the previous registered forum can be posted. But he said generally start not to post, is Rob sofa. The reason is afraid to be sealed ID, he has a lot of know-how, I will be later on the forum to promote the part of the explanation.
(see downstairs grab sofa, smile so happy, show you have vision, know this is a hot post.) )

2. Baidu Post bar: Now a lot of webmaster will use this method, a new stand out, immediately will think of Baidu Post bar pull people. A lot of webmaster summed up their experience, some webmaster one day from the post bar brings amazing traffic. What "This content is visible", "will change the picture" and so on, this is their usual tricks, but always tried.

3, Friendship Links: Station and station Mutual assistance, this is one of the early Internet more favorable publicity methods, because people do not know the search engine, most netizens surf the Internet, is a site to another station, the promotion of the site to play a big role. At that time the webmaster were very keen on the 88*31 box, showing more creativity. Although the times are different, but this method is still more effective, and long-term stability of the promotion of one of the methods.

4. QQ promotion: Usually conducive to this method to promote the webmaster, are using some software to release a lot of junk information to friends, or can not be friends. Probably many stationmaster thinks, this method is outdated. But I learned from some stationmaster that this method is still valid, because the Internet is now too many new netizens and novice netizens. But I do not advocate this approach.

5. Search Engine: Now a lot of stationmaster discovers, honest do station, never consider cheat. Your site's ranking is always not ideal. So, a lot of webmaster began to learn how to cheat on the search engine, resulting in a large number of garbage pages, non-stop registration of domain names, application blog, free space and so on, there are a lot of webmaster for this means to make a lot of money, and some webmaster use cheating, can register more than 100 movie members It's really chilling to hear that. This is bound to bring disaster to the development of personal websites. (Recent mobile reorganization, which is caused by these personal websites)

(Search engine optimization, I will focus on, but is definitely not cheating, limited to optimization, how to let search engines are included faster, and will not complement K, more long-term flow, I this test station November 14, two days on the Google included, and three days by most of the search engines included, Next, is to optimize the rankings, I will analyze the following, how I did it. )

In fact, effective promotion methods, not only above these, but I do not say that these methods are not good, these methods are really important, but I think the website promotion and general industry marketing is the same, the same traditional marketing means also apply to the network.

Well, it's written here today, and then tomorrow. Because can not say, also want to promote to everyone to see, my traffic every day in the speed of the thousands of IP growth, not to speak out, every day to promote the online. Tomorrow to speak, not like the above, casually nonsense a pass, but record what I do every day. Why call Real "station" drill, is I take a real new station, teach you how to use three months to build a website 100,000 IP flow of the tutorial.

Example website: Search bubble online movie search engine
URL: (URL is not for ad, I want to create 100,000 IP traffic, just let everyone witness, also give me pressure, let me do better)
Opening time: November 14, 2005 noon

(written in 2005-11-19)

God, it is too sad, originally already finished Ah, submitted when the error ah, write all gone.

Well, just a little more work, and write it down briefly.

The first lecture: Network interpersonal relationship and personal reputation

People see the title, may be thinking, I am here to see how you teach people to promote the site, what is the relationship between the study ah? We want to be an official again. Why do we want to do personal website? Do not want to sit at home to make money, do not ask for help, do not look at other people's face?

Don't worry, if you think this is a big mistake. A person living in this society, is unable to get rid of contact with people. In the process of dealing with others, do not pay attention to deal with the relationship between, will cause other things in the time inconvenient and so on. Even in this virtual network, the same need to deal with the local network of interpersonal relationships. The most important thing to do when you are with someone is to talk about credibility. I know that the outdated is a master such as Cloud place, but also a mixed bag of places. There are also a small number of people for the individual to gain a little benefit, hurt and everyone's feelings. Some time ago out of a liar, this person may be in the outdated cheating for many years, I was almost cheated. But I think what is the point of lying to this little penny? He did not know the importance of personal credibility. Although that can make a little money, but lost a friend and more opportunities for development. Unless you can cheat to spend a lifetime of money, hehe!

Anyway, let's talk about what I did on the first day of the station. The first day of the station, of course, there is no traffic, there is also their own visit, hehe. So what should we do? Tell your dearest ones, and let them all come to visit. Father, mother, brother, sister, brother, sister, classmate alumni, QQ friends and so on. Halo, this adds up will not exceed 100IP ah, landlord, you do not waste our time. Don't worry, the flow is like money, is to accumulate slowly. Although this kind of traffic is very small, that is after all, is also the flow, not to mention you tell your classmates, also ask him to help you publicize, tell his friends. In theory, doing so will let people all over the country know your site. Oh, but theory is always theory, we have to listen to some real ah. All right, let's be honest. How I use the network interpersonal relationships to develop traffic. Friends can be divided into casual acquaintances and brotherhood. What kind of communication circle affects the development of what kind of things, this reason we all understand. Then we do the website, who is the most important to our website promotion? Of course stationmaster or be engaged in personnel ah.

I thought about it and took a pen and recorded it. I found the most familiar and most likely to help my webmaster, wrote a total of 5, of which there is a large flow of webmaster and other people. I think it would be nice if I could put a free advertisement on their station. Oh, think of the United States, others webmaster but to rely on advertising money ah. The idea immediately dispelled. The most feasible only is to put a text link. First find Tvren webmaster bar, put a text link should be no problem, not to mention I am still in the outdated to help him write an article about it (has reached 650,000 PV, by the fish put to "build station good Wen" column went to, regardless of what the other party thought, I carefully analyzed his website, choose to put 6 words on top of his home page, and online TV, 4 words on top of the TV. It should work well. Several other stations are also text, have helped me to add channel links, and help me in his forum hair sticky Post. Stationmaster promised readily, on the one hand is the reason of friends, on the one hand is the text, stationmaster people in the heart good bear some. If an opening, they put a picture of advertising, that people will think, this is one months n more money advertising bit! Generally do not agree, even if promised you, people in the heart will bleed, affect the next cooperation.

All right, let's see what you've done. One day down, see traffic statistics, incredibly have more than 3,000 IP, or I good taste, if the original as long as a few friendships that must be less. The most comes to calculate tvren, more than 1000 IP. There are also a number of those stations, there are hundreds of IP. Although the friend is to help each other, but I am very grateful to these stationmaster, for a new station speaking, this is very not easy. I see some webmaster, operating a large six months of the site, also did not this flow, to do my station to add confidence.

The second part: long-term optimization of search engine

Just about to start writing this content, a group of friends sent me a URL:
Is Yuequi write, Yuequi article title is "Let us put into the warm embrace of Baidu", but also in the text several times "SEO" these three letters. Yuequi brother, you this is to teach everybody to do seo? But the SEC, the search engine cheats. is not "into the embrace of Baidu," but strong x Baidu. I do not belittle the meaning of Yuequi, I have also used to cheat, using a blog, free space, toll space, etc. (also saw a friend with a value of 8 yuan Sina space and two domain name cheating, will all links to Sina homepage, put jump code, The first place in Baidu free movie for up to one months is that these practices can bring a lot of traffic in the short term. If you are just a friend who wants to make money right away, be a student of teacher Yue. Oh, I seem to help Yuequi advertising it?

Stay to see the post, should be to do the long-term flow of the bar. We are really want to do SEO, common cheaters rely on the Web page to pile up a lot of keywords to get rankings. This approach, there are two kinds of results, one or more keywords in the search engine to obtain a very high ranking, the other is not included.

As we all know, getting a higher ranking of search engines means traffic, that is, money. Even at the risk of a domain name being sealed, there are a number of very large cheating websites that are generated every day. But we look from the domestic cheating website, most of them are personal websites, and most of them are entertainment websites. Most should be counted as movie websites. Because this kind of website, has the support of the SMS registration, uses the cheating website to make the money in a short time.

However, the search engine also began to focus on this type of site, began to reduce the collection of such sites. The reason why a lot of stationmaster said recently, own movie station did not cheat, why have not been included for a few months. In fact, this is the owners of their own cause, search engines have no way, only reflect and innocent.

So how do you avoid the danger of not being included? I analyze this, the search engine can not focus on every keyword, it can only focus on the hottest few keywords, such as: movies, free movies, passion movies, adult movies, which are the hottest, we and cheaters, they are using these keywords, we have to avoid these keywords, Use some of the most popular keyword combinations. Just take my promotion of this station to say it. It could have been called "Search bubble free movie", but I am in the page "title" label but used "Search bubble film" (hehe, this year to tell the truth, but rather lie. Web page content, I also try not to appear hot keyword, the purpose of only one, is to let search engines included as soon as possible. Next I have logged on to the search engine. Unexpectedly, 2 days Google included, 3 days Baidu included, other size search engine also followed. That's cool in my heart! Although there is no current traffic, but this is important for the long-term web site. Because if you are exchanging links with other stations, webmasters will check whether the search engine has included your station. If not, he will think you stand by K, anyway do not link with you, which greatly affect the promotion.

So what's the next step to raising the rankings? Since has been included, then we slowly to optimize it, as long as we strictly according to the rules of the search engine to do, generally will not be k. Oh, see here, some stationmaster will ask, I also did not cheat, how was K. In fact, this is the webmaster think, search engine but the robot, is relatively fair. Even if it is the artificial seal of Baidu Station, I also think is relatively fair. Well, let's just give up the subjective judgment and give you a URL ( to tell us what optimization problems are in the site. I started to add the word "free" to the title of the Web page, which is something that everyone likes for free this year. But I am not called "bubble free movie Search", but called "the Bubble online movie search engine-Free local movies." This title contains a number of keywords, but are not the hottest, but the medium of popularity. These practices are in order to comply with the rules of the search engine, because the search engine on the phenomenon of abnormal ranking more concerned about, for example, your station has not been included, suddenly ranked in a very high ranking, the search engine will think it is abnormal, will automatically K station. So if you have a curve in your rankings, there is no anomaly. So we have to slowly modify the keywords, such as the site to a certain degree of influence, and then changed into a hot keyword, will not be K.

What is called the website influence: This everybody knows, is not the PR value? Site page level? That's right, it's this stuff. Although this is just Google's gadgets, Baidu also has a similar concept, but has not publicly said that there is PR. But as we all know, all the search engines are learning Google, this concept is more or less a little bit. How to improve the impact of the site, I do not have time to study which station PR high, and which station do link. My approach should be known, is in the site can stay links to post, I am here to explain the link, you can point the kind. Search bots are also like people, one page point to another page, for in-depth visits. OK, just leave the URL in my favorite outdated bar (because the search engine for outdated update fast), put in their own signature is relatively safe, will not be when the ad deleted. And then a lot of send their own web site links. Find what website hair most effective, I tell you, find and your website content related, send up more convenient. I am in Baidu search "movie Message", on the emergence of a pile of messages this Ah, blog ah, 1 hours, the top 50 are all finished. Why is it in front of the hair? This is also used to ask, first, convenient AH; second, in front of the general update is relatively fast, third, generally have more weight, will give you the site to increase influence.

Related keywords: we all know, when you search a keyword, search engine search results at the bottom, there is a related keyword. is to list the keywords similar to this keyword, ranked by the size of the search volume. How do we make our website's keywords appear in other key words related. For example, "bubble movie" is my station's key words, similar to have "bubble film" and so on. Then, if the "Bubble movie" search volume is too small, it is impossible to row in the "bubble movie" of the relevant keywords, only in the "more" inside appear. We can artificially increase the amount of search, will be ranked in the front. (hehe, I spend time every day searching for the key word "bubble" in order to make it appear in other related. )

Say so much, for search engine optimization, outdated some master, I swim in here. True optimization is the constant adjustment of the long term. We should pay attention to quantity and quality.

Third: The cooperation between the website is the key to the website promotion

These days, see the downstairs have a brother said I am here to say what the big sermon, not a little practical. Well, I'll take some data to share with you today. It's also possible that only individuals will get something from it. I believe that, because the law of wealth is this. Even if you divide all the money in the world, in a few years, the gap between rich and poor will remain unchanged.

Case study:
May be a lot of webmaster a promotion, think is the site of their own website sent to various places, so that more people to visit. Yes, that's true, I don't deny it. But I think the way and methods should be changed, not only forums, QQ, search engines and other ways can bring traffic to your site. In fact, we can learn how successful website is promoted. You should know the website of ""? Let's not talk about its technology, how novel The model. We only analyze the promotion here. If I remember correctly, Qihoo was founded in 2004? In a short span of more than a year, Alexa ranked hundreds of places. Does its success have no lessons for us? The answer, of course, is there. I have witnessed the growth of Qihoo people, just started Qihoo only a few people's team, may not have too much operating capital, so also did not spend money to large sites to advertise. But after a few months of open the station, you can see a lot of forums are hanging Qihoo large ads, and is absolutely free.

Why can a new website be supported by hundreds of thousand forums in China? First: Because Qihoo is the Forum Index website, can bring the flow for other forum, this little foot can let the small forum stationmaster's tempted. Second: For the beginning of the site, a lot of big stations are ignored, Qihoo received large stations to support the reasons, in addition to customer service communication ability, there is a point is the brand packaging ability. Although the flow is small, but it looks like a small. Third: Give some site benefits, such as space support and so on.

Practice Application:
Some people may say, this kind of cooperation with other websites, only qihoo this kind of website can do, how to use its method in the promotion of own website, equally effective? This I can not help you, your site only you know better. But I can share with you how I learned how to Qihoo and get good results. First of all, search bubble online movie search engine and Qihoo, are relying on the content of other sites to survive, but also to other sites to bring traffic. But the promotion is not as easy as everyone imagined, by my station included the site will certainly put my stand advertising it? Under normal circumstances, the big stations are looking down on the station, do a friendship links are difficult, not to mention advertising, unless the money.

Combined with the Qihoo promotion method, and then analyzed the industry characteristics of their own site, my site belongs to the industry search site. Look at the search site's boss, Baidu is how to do. I found it all of a sudden during the analysis. Why so many websites, still have Baidu search code (search box). More URLs are available on the site as well, and many personal home pages are also put on. Of course, Baidu is no need to give these sites any fees. Don't these stationmaster know this is also an advertisement? So I think from a webmaster's point of view, the first: search box can enrich their site content. Second: Compared to a picture ad, it does not look like a more advertising, at least it is easier to accept. So, I do the same, do several forms of search code, integrated into an advertising plan page ( Then go to the movies, as well as the surrounding entertainment webmaster. cooperate in various forms. Sure enough, stationmaster are very accept this kind of cooperation method, very many stationmaster is willing to cooperate with me station. There are also very large traffic sites. These sites give me a strong flow of stations, and now publish these website domain names to prove the facts.

Now, as well as once cooperated with the list of sites below (ranked not according to the flow size)


There are sites such as Shandong site, some play window code site, a total of more than 40. In this, to the above help my webmaster, expressed thanks! Or that sentence, when I need help, I will do my best.

Now the site traffic growth is very strong, is about to break through 20,000 IP access every day. Here, in order to make more friends can also get help, we have to help the place, if I can do, will help you. At the same time, welcome to the local resources of the movie site to help promote the website, this station is first included.

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