Steps for using CloudXNS for Namecheap domain name resolution

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NameCheap is a foreign domain name registrar. It offers affordable domain name registration and transfer prices and is favored by many friends. If your domain name is registered in Namecheap, by default, the free DNS resolution service provided by Namecheap is used. However, your users are mainly targeting China, and the default DNS is unstable and slow, therefore, we recommend that you use DNS in China, for example, powerful CloudXNS Intelligent Resolution.

1. Add a domain name

If you have not yet registered CloudXNS, please refer to the following article: Free intelligent DNS resolution and registration of CloudXNS, and then add your domain name registered in Namecheap in the CloudXNS background. See Figure 1-1 (click to enlarge)


Figure 1-1 add a domain name

After the domain name is added, CloudXNS will prompt you that the domain name has not been taken over and the DNS server for recording CloudXNS will be used later, including, which provides a total. See Figure 1-2 (click to enlarge)


Figure 1-2 record the DNS server

II. Modify DNS

After the Domain name is successfully added, we also need to change the default DNS to the DNS provided by CloudXNS in the Namecheap background. Go to Domain List> Products> Manage to enter the Domain name control panel, see Figure 2-1 (click to enlarge ),


Figure 2-1 domain name management

Then choose NAMESERVERS> Custom> enter the four groups of DNS provided by CloudXNS> save, as shown in Figure 2-2 (click to enlarge)


Figure 2-2 modify DNS

3. Wait for the change to take effect

DNS modification may take effect within 48 hours due to inconsistent DNS cache times. However, it generally takes less than that long and takes effect in about 10 minutes, after the domain name takes effect, you can check that the domain name is in the normal takeover status in CloudXNS, so that you can use CloudXNS for domain name resolution. Figure 3-1


Figure 3-1 take over normally


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