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1. Weight plate rotation sequence: colored --- coal --- finance --- Steel

2. If CNPC and Sinopec start to pull up sharply while the sectors such as finance and coal are not moving, they should be cautious about the sharp adjustments to the overall market and individual stocks.

3. How to Choose stocks after the dashboard slump: select strong in the early stage and the increase is not high, it is best to close the cross star, the next day is likely to limit. Pay attention to "Red Three soldiers"

4. The great Yang line and the big Yin line of 4.1 air gap and bare head will become pressure and support.
4.2 The higher the change rate at the pressure level and support level, the stronger the pressure and support effect.
4.3 The closer the support or pressure area is, the greater the force it takes.
4.4 The more support or pressure is touched, the smaller the force.
4.5 after support or pressure is broken through, they are converted to each other

5. breakthrough in trends
5.1 if the price exceeds the trend line by 3%, the trend changes more likely.
The transaction volume during the 5.2 breakthrough. The larger the transaction volume, the larger the trend may change.
5.3 breakthrough times. The more times the trend line is broken, the more likely the trend changes.

6. When the dashboard collects cross stars, focus on whether there are changes in the two barrels of oil the next day. If so, be careful when diving the dashboard.

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