Stop if the tween is not completed.

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Today, we found that the flex component made by flash development tools contains the Tween transition.
CodeAs follows:

Function ABC ()
If (...)

VaR mytween: tween = new tween (mcobj, "width", strong. easeout, coursebarcrtlength. Width, 34 + 500 * crtp/totalp, 4, true );
Mcobj. width = 34 + 500 * crtp/totalp;

It is normal to run the flash control separately.

However, when Flex is used to call the above method ABC. Flex has performed a lot of Operations consecutively, saving data and changing the viewstack index.
At this time, we found that the Tween did not respond at all (because the Tween was not completed or was not moved at all)



Cause: In the flash code. Tween references local variables and is recycled by the garbage collection mechanism.

Solution: Pull local variables out of the code block.

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