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Sometimes you need to store the selections you've created to make them available for reuse later. You will use the selection storage feature.

0417 When you create a selection, right-click the menu (which is limited to the selection tool) to the Save selection item. You can also use the menu, "Select a storage selection." A Name Setting dialog box appears, as shown on the left. You can enter text as the name for this selection. If not named, Photoshop will automatically be named Alpha1, ALPHA2, ALPHA3, and so on. When you need to load a saved selection, you can use the menu "Select Load Selection", as shown in the following figure. You can also click the right button in the image to select the item, provided that there is no constituency currently available, and select the class tool 〖m〗〖l〗〖w〗 or cutting tool 〖c〗.

If more than one selection is stored, select one from the Channel Drop-down menu. As a result, it is convenient to search for a selection by naming it with an appropriate name before storing it, especially if multiple selections are stored. Below is a "reversed" option, which acts as an inverse election command after loading a selection. Why not just call it a "reverse election"? We'll explain that later.

If a selection already exists in the image, you can choose how the load is loaded when you load the selection. The so-called operation is the previous contact of the selection operation, that is, add, subtract, cross. The following is the right figure. If no selection exists, only the new selection method is valid.

In the diagram above we have a problem where the selection of the selection is the channel. Why is the channel? Because the selection store is stored in the channel. So what does the passage here have to do with the passages mentioned in the course #01?

Like a department with a manager, Deputy manager and assistant three leadership staff, although some other staff also work in this department, but these staff no matter whether the increase or decrease or turnover, will not affect the first three leadership status. The RGB or CMYK image channel mentioned in the course #01 is the "leading channel" in an image. A channel formed by storing a selection, belonging to a "supernumerary person", is not necessary, and deletion will only lose the stored selection, without causing the image to be corrupted. If you remove RGB or any one of the channels in CMYK, the image will be corrupted.

1. So, do many of the channels of storage selection will cause image display disorder?

No, just as the department of Management led the department, only RGB or CMYK channels to control the image of the "display right." The channel used to store the selection does not affect the final output effect of the image.

2. What is the role of the new electoral corridor?

Of course, it's for the constituency. Although the selection channel has no effect on the original image display, but does not mean it is useless, then we learn to other software (such as video synthesis software premiere) when the output file, the channel can play a great role.

3. What is the practical significance of the storage and loading of the constituency?

For example, we want to adjust the color of two squares in an image, if the adjustment effect of these two places, such as all to add red, you can use the Rectangular marquee tool to add the way to choose about two areas, and then unified modification. But now these two areas of adjustment requirements are not the same, the left side to turn red, and the right side of a yellow. Then you must first select a region to adjust to red (you can use Hue/saturation command 〖ctrlu〗), cancel the selection 〖ctrld〗 and then select another area to adjust the color. These two selections are based on the order of creation and are called the first and second constituencies.

It doesn't seem to be a problem, but what if you want to make adjustments to the first constituency this time? As a result of the creation of the second constituency, the first constituency has disappeared. How can you create a constituency that is the same as the original? No, we can only rely on visual inspection to complete. This is of course imprecise, especially if the shape of the constituency is more complex and even feathered, it is almost impossible to re-establish it. Category:

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