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In C ++, the structure is similar to the class. The structure members are of the public type by default, and the class members are of the private type by default. In C #, they are completely different types:
1: Type:
The structure is a value type and an address is allocated on the stack. Therefore, a value assignment between structures can be used to create a new structure, while a class is a reference type and an address is allocated on the stack, therefore, the assignment between classes is just a copy reference. The execution efficiency of a stack is higher than that of a stack. However, the stack resources are limited and it is not suitable for processing large logical and complex objects. Therefore, structure processing is a small object to be treated as a base type, class processes a business logic.
2: Inheritance:
Structures cannot be inherited, except that they are derived from System. Valuetype. However, the structure can inherit interfaces. Methods are the same as class inheritance interfaces. A class can be assigned to a base class and can be derived from any number of interfaces.
3. Internal structure:
Provides default constructors without parameters and cannot be replaced. However, you can add constructors with parameters.
No destructor
No virtual, abstract, and sealed (because it cannot be inherited)
The protected modifier cannot exist.
It is incorrect to initialize the instance field in the structure.
Default constructor available
You can use incluural, abstract, and sealed
There is a protected modifier
Instance fields can be initialized
4: The structure can specify how fields are laid out in memory.

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