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A few days ago suddenly right eye jump, not MP3 bad, ominous photo ah. Originally time is tight, also have to take time to repair, ah, Providence get people. But I will not for this and depressed for a few days oh, not worth, people, dead when nothing can take away, hehe. Get ready to fix it tomorrow.

Time Stile (the word often used in writing in childhood, at that time feel pretty cool, oh, now continue to use, looking for childhood feeling: 0, week 51 days, forget, do not know how to live, Saturday was the whole school power outage, plan to go out and brothers to visit the Purple Bamboo Garden, the days of accidents, Friday night suddenly said Non-stop, and play me a, helpless cancellation plan, Saturday morning sleep A lazy sleep, 9 points more get up, inertia life, to the laboratory, do what now also forget, late at night the brain is still not remember things, can not think how many come.

Pour, say so much, have not entered the topic yet, recruit chop! Afternoon class, 5 points to play, evening back to start to design their own topics, do the first page cover time to this morning to complete, the afternoon to buy a Phillips mobile phone (recently boycott Japanese goods, today I went to the small Japanese things on the rely on OH. , at the beginning of the evening to study their own topics, while guiding the children to learn. Net method (other people are not children oh, big, but they feel they are very cute, called the "children", they saw and then cut me, every day a knife several of the head, said not to offend who to fahen, haha).

Starting to get to the point, for struts resource files, let me be a little depressed for 5 minutes, I intend to want to have an overall control, so that when the system can be modified to control flexibility, so decided to use resource files, ha, think of the simple, open on the write, wrote on the compilation, made up on the hair, sent a look, my God, Out of the east is a question mark Oh. Long illness into physicians Ah, a look is the Java support for Chinese, how to solve it? Search the Internet first, do not own a person to tinker, find a few minutes, hem, really let me find. Try no, come again to fail, time is 11:40, no progress. I don't believe it, keep doing it.

Qi Shen Hara, slowly groping, with NATIVE2ASCII to the resource file conversion, this dongdong is the Java JDK with its own. Enter at command line: c:\j2sdk1.4.1_02\bin>native2ascii-encoding GBK E:\eclipseWorkSpace\insect rc\com\insect truts\ E:\eclipseWorkSpace\insect Rc\com\insect truts\ This is my address oh, can be analogy. Write to enter, OK, open your corresponding directory to see, a file, OK, the first step of success, has not succeeded Oh, don't laugh first. Open Web.xml and add the following code inside:



<param-value>mystruts. Applicationresources_zh_cn</param-value>


Don't ask why, just write it, boy!

Okay, change the guts of the resource file? It's simple, isn't it. Re-publish the project, start Tomcat look at it, let the depressed you and I no longer depressed. This I was tested oh, if not come out of effect that want to check it is there wrong oh.

Blog finished, to go back to sleep, not early, tomorrow will not come, but also to repair MP3, the afternoon also opened a meeting, is a busy day, today on this bar, not, is the end of yesterday it. It's a new day now.

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