Stty command example

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Stty command example

You can use the stty-a command to view all terminal settings.

[Nm_appg ~] $ Stty-
Speed9600 baud; line = 0;
Rows = 41; columns = 132.
Min = 1; time = 1;
Intr = ^ C; quit = ^/; erase = ^ h; kill = ^ u
EOF = ^ d; EOL = ^ @; eol2 = <UNDEF>; swtch = <UNDEF>
Stop = ^ s; Start = ^ Q; susp = ^ Z; dsusp = <UNDEF>
Werase = <UNDEF>; lnext = <UNDEF>
Parenb-parodd cs7-cstopb hupcl-cread-clocal-loblk-CRTs
-Ignbrk brkint ignpar-parmrk-inpck istrip-inlcr-igncr icrnl-iuclc
Ixon-ixany ixoff-imaxbel-rtsxoff-ctsxon-ienqak
Isig icanon-iexten-xcase echo echoe echok-echonl-noflsh
Opost-olcuc onlcr-ocrnl-onocr-onlret-ofill-ofdel-tostop
EOF: the input ends.
Erase: Remove characters from the backend,
Intr: interrupt the current program
Kill: Delete the entire command
Quit: exit the current program
Start: Start screen output
Stop: Stop the screen output;
Susp: suspends the current program.

The format of modifying the value of a command is as follows:

[Nm_appg ~] $ Stty susp ^ Z so that you can change the operation command of susp to Ctrl + z

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