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In May 2006, nvidia under the ATI pressure, launched a variety of 7 series of products to compete for the market, of which 7300GS due to performance can not compete with X1300 gradually lost market leadership, and subsequently introduced 7300GT products because of the high cost performance by consumers, At present, the price of 7300GT product positioning in 500 yuan, this price is the average consumer, especially students a family of choice graphics card products standards. Immediately into the new year, many consumers are very much want to buy or upgrade their computer hardware system at this time, but the market is similar to a wide variety of products, what is the choice of 7300GT good, I hope to see this article to you to purchase some help.

The older version of the 7300GT graphics card using 90nm manufacturing process, the core chip code-named G73, and the GeForce7600 series belong to the same core, built eight rendering pipeline and four vertex shading units, support Cinefx 4.0, OpenGL2.0, SM3.0, HDR, DirectX 9.0C also supports the PureVideo and SLI features. Until 80nm new manufacturing process "G73-B1" core production, the graphics card manufacturers can better control the core costs, then a variety of different manufacturing technology core with different memory of the 7300GT will be unveiled in the market, which undoubtedly for people to buy increased difficulty. At present, the market mainstream 7300GT products using 90nm manufacturing process, with 128MB Gddrⅲ memory, such a match can get a good display performance, while the cost of products are also controlled to a relatively satisfactory degree. However, when the "G73-B1" of 80nm new manufacturing process is popularized, we will see the 80nm manufacturing process 7300GT with 256MB Gddrⅲ video memory card becomes the market mainstream.

XFX 7300GT (PV-T73E-NAP)

The 7300GT graphics card using Samsung 1.4ns Gddrⅲ video memory particles, four memory composition 128mb/128bit memory specifications. The default frequency is up to 500/1400mhz, and the memory frequency is very high. interface, the graphics card in addition to the traditional DVI and VGA interface, the graphics card also provides users with nine-pin multi-function video interface, with the video card built PureVideo video, can provide users with excellent HDTV output. Reference Price: 699 RMB


Using the latest 80nm manufacturing process of the G73 graphics core, graphics card using four 8mbx32bit specifications of modern 2.Ons Ddrⅲ video memory, forming a 128m/128bit memory specifications. Video card core/memory default factory frequency is 550mhz/1000mhz, the graphics card uses the Dvi+d-sub+s-video interface design, and has the Mio interface support SLI technology, in addition this graphics card also supports a variety of characteristic technology. Reference Price: 699 RMB

Ming-shading Aurora 7300GT Intelligent Enhanced Edition

This graphics card uses the core and the video memory separate type power supply design, provides the safeguard for the long time stable operation of the graphics card. Video memory, with Infineon 1.4ns gddrⅲ video memory particles, the front four composed of 256mb/128bit video memory specifications, the core/video memory default frequency 450mhz/1000mhz. The output section provides a Vga+dvi+tv-out full interface design to meet the needs of most users. Reference Price: 599 RMB

Seven Rainbow days line 7300GT up flame God 3

This graphics card uses the Red NV P456 PCB, and chooses Sanyo high quality capacitance, the service life is higher than the ordinary electrolytic capacitor, guarantees the better overclocking ability and the stability. Radiator uses seven Rainbow patented "flame-shaped Fin", combined with copper and aluminum, the heat dissipation effect is good. Graphics card with the Samsung 1.4ns GDDR III High speed memory particles, four components of 256MB, 128bit video memory specifications, the default frequency reached 550/1400mhz, very high frequency. Reference Price: 750 RMB

Ang 7300GT Hurricane Edition 256M

This graphics card is equipped with Infineon 1.4ns Gddrⅲ (video memory particles, four 256mb/128bit video memory specifications, graphics card default core/Memory frequency reached 400/1400mhz, is a high frequency version of the performance of 7300GT products. The output part, this video card uses the double groove design, this can enhance the graphics card the cooling effect, the video card provides the VGA 10 Tv-out+dvi Three interface way, satisfies the different consumer the need. Reference Price: 599 RMB

Shadow 7300GT Wu static version

The Heat dissipation section, this 7300GT Wukong version of the use of the Arctic cooling heat sink, the use of a unique trapezoidal fin design, increased the cooling area of aluminum sheet. Video memory, the shadow of 7300GT Wu version of the graphics match Infineon Gddr II graphics card, eight components of 256MB, 128bit graphics memory specifications, the default frequency of 400/800mhz, performance than most Gddrⅱ version of 7300GT Strong. Reference Price: 599 RMB

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