Sublime ctags function Jump Plugin Installation

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Sublime text installs the plug-in method, mainly has the following two kinds:

1. Install directly by downloading the installation package

In the Editor menu, click "Preferences" – "Browse Packages ..." To open the plug-in installation directory, then unzip the downloaded installation package and place it in the directory (it may need to restart the editor before it takes effect).

2. First install the Package control

Installation method Https:// Inside there is a detailed installation method, use the shortcut key CTRL + ' Follow the method can be installed.

Another way to download directly on the website:

Manual Installation:

You may not be able to use code installation for a variety of reasons, and you can manually install the package Control by using the following steps:

A. Click Preferences > Browse Packages menu

B. Go to the upper-level directory of the Open directory before entering the installed packages/directory

C. Download Package Control.sublime-package

Package Control Master File: Https://

and copy to installed packages/directory

D. Restart Sublime Text.

Installing the sublime plugin via the package Control

Use the Ctrl + Shift + P bring up panel, then enter PCI, select "Package Control:install" and go to enter, then by entering the name of the plug-in, for example ctags find the plugin and enter the installation.

Install ctags into the Ctags official website Download The latest version, put the extracted ctags.exe into the search path of the system environment variable. It is generally C:\windows\system32.

After the installation is complete . Right-click on the project/project file on the left side of the sidebar to see the Ctags:rebuild Tags menu item

To Ctags can be used, first to generate the. tags file in the appropriate project directory. First cmd enters the corresponding directory and then uses the command input: Ctags-r-F tags, which generates a. tags file

Solutions to problems encountered in the middle:

Right click on the project Rebuil Tags refer to the online solution:

Garbled reason is actually sublime text can not find Ctags.exe,

So you need to configure the Ctags configuration file. Configuration manual: Sublime text 3:preferences->package settings->ctags->settings-default The contents of the document are copied to Settings-user, and modify the following configuration:

Before modification: "Command": "",
After modification: "command": "D:/program files/ctags58/ctags.exe",//remarks, I ctags the installation path is:d:/program files/ctags58/ctags.exe

Right-click on the project root and select Ctags:rebuild tags

After the modification, re-execute Ctags:rebuild Tags, in the project directory will be more than 2 files (. Tags and. Tags_sorted_by_file)

Problem solving

Sublime ctags function Jump Plugin Installation

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